Mtftsb: calming music


I’ve been a bit haywire today. got this on repeat atm, though, and it’s doing the trick.

“you can always come home”

and the gentle synth pad w/trickling synthy keys or whatever

please post stuff like this, thx. or other kinds of songs that calm you down.


always this guy for me, listen to him almost every day


Obvious one but


The Spirit of Eden album by Talk Talk is very calming


and also


on the contrary, that particular video in the OP has actually riled me up


I like to listen to Message to Bears if I’m ever particularly stressed or have loads to do at work as I find it calming.


this album is I want to feel calm and happy

this album if I want to feel calm and depressed


Been listening to a lot of Harold Budd in preparation for his gig recently


didn’t watch the video I linked to, just found whatever the first one was for that song

what’s up with it? is it all wrong?


yeah, no sound :frowning: tried a few other youtube links for it and they all seem to be like that for some reason


Yeah fucking weird. I found it on Spotify though:


licensing, huh


this songs probably a bit naff to everyone but its helped me in some tricky times


I was scared to say I couldn’t hear any sound in case this was some massive setup for a @ma0sm / @JohnM style joke


there’s one of his I like the most… think it’s this?



that last Robert Wyatt record. just really warm and sinking into the floor type vibe, his voice is so open. not enough clarinet albums about.


I’m not very good at being a cheeky scamp like either of those two. but hahaha, silence, very calming!

good joke, if that’s what I’d meant.


some nice responses so far :cloud:

^ a cloud because looking at a nice bit of sky is also really calming