Pick a song from the charts that you haven’t heard before and report back.

where are the charts?



I’ve only heard one and thats that Rag and Bone Man. Based on that, I am unwilling to hear any others

didnt even know Ted Sheeran had new ones out

I’d prefer it if Sage the Gemini was called Gemini the Sage

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this is bad
very bad
fuck you @The_Excession

gave up after 1:20

Number 25 - New Entry
Train - Play That Song

So Train still exist then, so there’s that. They’ve totally ripped off a song that everyone knows and I don’t know the name of*. They’ve tacked on some unforgivably limp “Ooh Mr DJ play this song” lyrical drivel, ignoring the fact that you’d walk out of a pub if this came on, never mind a club. Music for people who don’t really like music.

*Heart and Soul, the Youtube comments inform me.

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whaaaat, do we now have to consider Train a THREE hit wonder???


I thought Train’s lyrics would likely be the most vacuous I heard today, but this might beat it.

I’d guess this would be it for them though, he looks dead inside.

When would that video have not looked incredibly dated? 1997?

Seems about right. I watched it right to the end, there’s a faux-celebration for getting his song on the radio that made me want to go out and key some cars.

Eurgh - There’s a Maroon 5 song ft. Kendrick. FFS (obviously not listening to it ever)
did try this one though and it’s actually pretty good

really digging this, pretty sure I’ve heard it before though (advert?)

I like this one. Got some definite Boys of Summer in there.

Listened to the less creepy Ed Sheeran song. 4/10.

He’s pretty smarmy when he’s singing about his old friends - “listen to what all the LOSERS I used to hang out with are doing with their lives while I’m playing Wembley and shagging Nicole Scherzinger”

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John Legend - Love Me Now

Mainly picked it because I thought John Legend had stopped doing music decades ago. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

I started off hating it. I don’t like all this all over the place vocal shit but it’s quite pleasant I guess. (I’m not watching the video because fuck that)

You’re thinking of John Lennon (dead)


My wife’s family come from Framlingham, where the eponymous castle is. They are pretty wild with excitement about the whole thing.

Also, the lyrics “Running from the law through the backfields” - my arse. There’s barely a policeman in the whole of Suffolk.