MTftSB: Christmas Songs That Aren’t Christmas Songs



It’s about Manchester gangs presumably all back in town/out of jail fuck some shit up.

Yeah, sounds like Black Friday tbh.

What also gives this theory some sway is that the particular gang its about is called the…

Quality Street gang





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Die Hard


Not a christmas song, but they’re called Bucks fizz so…


Always surprised you don’t hear this more at Xmas

(As spoken by a hermit who doesn’t watch tv/listen to the radio/go anywhere so it may well be getting blasted out 24/7 for all I know)


This is very much a Xmas song for me, because of American Werewolf, whether or not that its set at Xmas doesn’t really matter as all 80s horror, with the exception of Lost Boys, are Xmas to me.

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Something deeply weird about this sort of clip being put through the interpolated High Definition machine. Surely it’s not a classic clip unless it looks like it was taken off a VHS?

This is on Elvis’ Christmas album but if it wasn’t it would have no discernible link to the season. This is my favourite Christmas album though so for me the song is definitely Christmas.

Sigur Ros songs always feel Christmassy. This one in particular

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A couple of friends mentioned last year that one of their favourite Christmas songs was We All Stand Together by Macca, it was tied in with their childhood Christmas memories, I’d never thought of it as a Christmas song but it got rereleased at Christmas and there’s a tree at the start of the video I guess. I’ve always liked it.

These are the ones for me

It’s certainly untrue but this is how I remember all adult men in the 80’s looking even though I wasn’t raised by the Flying Pickets

This came on the radio the other day when I was with my mum, I started singing the opening and she didn’t know what was going on, thought I was stuck. It’s cosy for a song about someone bleeding out in the snow.

Slightly confusing watching the film for the first time expecting a bit more festive content.

Is Walking In The Air Christmas or Christmas that isn’t Christmas? I’d say Christmas, but not confidently.

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Sorry but needs the definitive version of white winter hymnal


Feels like it should be accompanied by one of those “online choir” montages with four little Alexander Amstrong heads

Is this a Xmas song?

It is to me…

I mean it very clearly is but doesn’t get much air play does it.

Just had a flashback to doing this in a Xmas choir in Hebden Bridge and crying so much I could barely get words out :see_no_evil: