MTftSB - Comedy Music


Spinal Tap for sure! Fucking gold even when wrenched from it’s context in the film.

I don’t think I’ll ever listen to Frank Zappa


I haven’t seen or even heard of this film?

I think these songs remain funny because they’re actually really good songs. what do you reckon?


Your second question is the crux of this thread IMO, those Don’t Stop or We’ll Die songs I posted above actually sound like extremely competently put together piano pop songs, I don’t know if this is the thing that makes them more listenable (IMO) to other comedy bands or if it just means that they should be making non-comedy music though…


The Divine Comedy have a habit of going a bit comedy don’t they, thing is they’re usually actually good songs as well so they get away with it.


Clues in the name, bozo!



David Devant and His Spirit Wife have always been a personal fave.


I would rather listen to that particular comedy band if they were just a regular band who were a bit funny. like The Unicorns.

The Lonely Island are actually really big hip-hop/r&b/pop enthusiasts, aren’t they, and very good at making songs that capture the best bits of all of that. however, I wouldn’t bother if they weren’t also very funny.

in summary, ¯_(ツ)_/¯


While hit and miss, trey Parker and matt stone have made many funny songs


I truly hate The Unicorns.


Ditto The Simpsons.


This is not for me







I instantly got Norway’s biggest contribution to the “comedy” music genre stuck in my head from just looking at this thread. Thanks a lot.


Pray share…


You know the one, it was a world wide hit


This is slightly more amusing to me


Genuinely drawing a blank here which is likely to be very embarrassing in hindsight