MTftSB - Comedy Music

Yes, yes they are! :heart: Always get 'em confused with Malajube though, heh. :maple_leaf:


I find most of Chris Morris’s musical parodies extremely amusing. Does that count?

Yes it does, thank you Vinny

Future Islands

He certainly does a VERY funny dance!


actual recent example of an outdated meme (that i still laugh at)


This is probably a contender for the all-time funniest video of all time

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just absolutely lost it and had to leave the office

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There will never be a time when shreds are not funny.

i still really like a few songs from the first Tenacious D album, some of the lonely island stuff and a few thing by jon lajoie

anyone from DiS that hasn’t seen this tho, this is my highest recommendation


Has anyone mentioned @ma0sm 's My Vitriol song yet?

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was thinking about this recently. i reckon when they’re actually talented musicians and singers and they earnestly show off all their actual musical talent by essentially writing and playing proper songs that just so happen to have comedy lyrics, it’s almost always awful and embarrassing. it’s mainly when they do proper singing. i suppose there’s so much immediately evident effort put in that it seems like it’s desperately begging for your laughter and just can’t ever deliver.

when the musical side of it is sort of deliberately shit or simple and tossed off then it can be quite funny, as it just feels like normal comedy that happens to be in song form. stuff like Adam Buxton’s garage-band silliness, David O’Doherty’s toy keyboard and sentences that go on too long and don’t fit. Even someone like Bill Bailey who’s incredibly musically talented but then will just badly sing-speak over it in his normal voice stops it from being automatically shit on arrival. Likewise FOTC seem fairly musically adept but they paint themselves as incompetent and distract you from any musical talent entirely.

the latter can still be very shit but by making it entirely unearnest it’s not got such an uphill struggle to be any good. it’s a bit like the way Dara O Briain always goes “ehhhhhh” at the end of jokes to make them sound like a spontaneous tossed off idea and pretend he’s already moving on to the next sentence and wasn’t really expecting a laugh. removes the weight of expectation if you don’t make it seem like you’re putting yourself out there quite so much.

i haven’t read the thread.


Where do people stand on they might be giants. Some great songs and whimsical lyrics.

I really like them. Great fun live.

I wouldn’t call them a comedy band, just a very, very, very clever band that doesn’t take itself at all seriously.


No mention of Mouth Sounds and Neil Cicierega?

Feels like FotL and Christian Fitness are worth a mention here. Laughed my tits off at “Bruce hated puppies, he thought they ran like fannies”. Mostly the delivery though. Can’t think of other examples as I’m clearly hard at work and not spaffing about on a forum, but there are many examples of hilarious Falco lyrics.

Another shout for FotC. They’re very talented, and while I partially agree that they come across as inept, that’s only really for the story parts of the show. The songs are really well put together and performed. Bret also wrote that song in the Muppets film that’s surprisingly funny (as is the film as a whole. If you’ve written it off because you’re an ‘adult’, have a word with yourself).

I find Adam Buxton very funny, particularly when he’s picking out ridiculous YouTube comments and reading them in a silly voice, but I rarely find his songs funny. Bit too try-hard.

Anyway, what people find funny is even more subjective than music, so this thread could easily turn into a hateful barrage of shit throwing.

Not on my watch!