MTftSB: Do you like Prince?


Do you like Prince?
Do you like academic deconstruction of identity, utopia, blackness, gender fluidity, iconography, spiritual post-modernism, queering…

just a PSA;

The Journal of African American studies published a Prince special a couple of months ago comprising 260 pages across 20 articles and you can download the pdfs or view the articles here


I don’t know if I like prince or not. Mostly like the songs of his I’ve heard but never been inspired to buy an album. A greatest hits is what I should probably invest in but I rarely buy those.


I Do, yes


Dirty mind through to purple rain is a pretty spotless 4 album run, just get them all


I’ve got a feeling I’m going to like this, thanks for posting


Sign o the times is after purple rain


But around the world in a day and to a lesser extent parade aren’t as good and BREAK THE RUN


Actually parade is very good still


Black Muse 4 U: Liminality, Self-Determination, and Racial Uplift in the Music of Prince

A Flâneur in the Erotic City: Prince and the Urban Imaginary

Nothing Compares to You: Prince and the Theory of Optimal Distinctiveness

…what’s not to love ? :heart_eyes:

you’re most welcome


i think i like him, and his style, but i can’t stand that horrible, crappy, plastic sounding 80s production on his peak work so i’ve never bothered really.


:scream:I don’t know if we can be friends anymore


sorry! crappy was a harsh word choice tbf.


No, I love prince

  • He’s great
  • I don’t like music or artistry in any form

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think I bought into the hype too much really, I think I’ve listened to three albums and there are 4 great great great songs but sadly the rest are terrible and creepy.


Prince was a force of nature

I’d recommend watching this - not necessarily for the Prince insights alone - but to also understand just the kind of people that he inspired & worked with and had around him. Susan Rogers (his engineer/co-producer through that peak period) has a ton of fascinating things to say about science, technology & sound theory as much as about actually working with the man. He basically attracted & encouraged the kind of freaks & rebels that would just make stuff that hadn’t been done before


This. Exactly this.


True but they’re still great, Rasperry Beret fs!


Meths thinking it was ‘red spiritual dress’ still really tickles me.


BAhaha really :joy: