MTFTSB: do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard Sk8er Boi?

For me, no. Hbu?

Please be aware there is nothing cliquey about this MTFTSB, any one should feel free to post

never heard it.

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Thank you for posting

Please remember this thread when and if you do hear it


I was sat in the 6th form common room probably avoiding a media studies lesson and Steve Warnes put Let Go on the stereo. Thought it was very good at the time and I still do.


I actually do!

I was in my sister’s room and we were just sort of hanging out listening to the radio. I guess it had just come out because they played it back to back and then at least 3 times within the next hour. Loved it obviously


No, but I can remember my first exposure to Complicated. When my wife and I were on honeymoon it was a staple on MTV Asia, and every time we put on the telly in a hotel room there she was. That look she throws right in the dying seconds of the video still makes me want to break stuff even now.

Also remember even before that when I used to be on the late lamented Punk Planet magazine boards, and there was a transparent attempt to do some “organic” “street level” marketing about her as a hot new artist there by a publicity team posing as normal users. It got seen through almost instantly and she became one of the board injokes for years afterwards.


Remember openly weeping at the sheer holistic achievement of it, can’t remember where though


Not specifically but it would have been in a bar in the town I lived in at the time as they had music videos on and it was one that was on all the time.

For me, also no.

Can’t say that I do

Megazone in Falkirk.

Probably watching mtv

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Probably watching Kerrang TV (Life is Loud)


Given it was out in the summer of 2002, I was probably at home, watching music channels.

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would have just heard it on daytime Radio 1

never liked it tbqh tho

No but I remember my older sister getting the album as a birthday present at my aunt’s house in Cork. We were sleeping on inflatable mattresses in the spare room and I had a stack of Pirates of the Caribbean comics even though I didn’t like the movie.

We also saw a teenager who had Avril’s look at the playground during that trip and I was convinced it was actually her.


Could have been Melissa Vandella


It would’ve been in my house on TOTP. Can’t remember liking it or not though.

Now he’s a superstar
Sahlammin’ on his guitar

I like that bit


I still consider it to be that other song from the woman that sang Complicated, which is odd when you think about it.

Anyway, no.