MTftSB - Do you still hang on to the music of your youth?

Absolutely. Still have a Britpop playlist I listen to quite a lot and from my later youth I have the Meet Me In The Bathroom playlist that gets a lot of use (and lots of records by those bands).

Fuck YES


I don’t still listen to PJ and Duncan though sadly

was talking about ash the other day. listened to goldfinger and it was like a gutpunch of nostalgia. still holds up as well too i think?!



There’s stuff that has stood the test of time. Other stuff i still respect but just don’t really want to hear ever again. Stuff i have realised wasn’t all that good. Not too much stuff that i think was complete shite and i was wrong about.

Got a constant thirst for hearing something new and interesting.

Getting well into genres i neglected when i was a teen, now that I’m older and wiser. It’s great fun.


I think Ash were pretty great and agree they hold up pretty well. They played at Truck a few years ago (maybe 10 years or something) and it was just a tonne of stupid fun.

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I do! I have some nostalgic playlists (the kerrang type music i liked in sixth /songs from bands i adored in my early 20s like built to spill and my power metal phase like rhapsody and blind guardian/songs from my jpop phase around the same time when i was obsessed with vocaloid songs

They used to make me sad tbh, i tie music into memories so strongly that listening to playlists transports me back and there were many years where songs from simpler times made me sad, remembering the times when my dad was alive etc, or the times that i was v sad at my uni and cried under my covers listening to sad music, those songs take me right back to that feeling. It’s a shame bc some of them are really good, i ruined a lot of big star songs this way :smiling_face_with_tear:


Not a patch on This Is Where I Stand imo.

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The Ledge! What a tune


Oh god yeah. Specifically songs I used to listen to when I was 18 and went to uni and had my first proper fling


Was going to say no but then I remembered how much I paid to see Tool in a couple of weeks.


oh yeah this

seeing Tool and Glassjaw in the space of a few weeks

in 2022


“Hang on” ? No

revisited a lot of old stuff during the pandemic when there were no new gigs or anything to see and life was a bit of a brainfuck? Absolutely. Having that original run of Pixies LPs to go back to was a godsend

played this VERY loud so much during Panny D


Some of it.
Was mostly listening to stuff like Nirvana, Idlewild, pixies etc and some heavier Slipknot,Soad, Machine Head with a sprinkling of Americana stuff like Everclear, Filter etc
Often chuck a bit of Nirvana and pixies on, not much else from that list.

only the band that NIN could have been


Some of it. Almost never listen to Sisters of Mercy or Utah Saints these days but I went to see Ride with a pal last night when I’d rather have gone to Kristin Hersh.

The 1992 thread made me realise what a watershed year that was for me in terms of ‘getting into music I still love’ (I was 14):

-Nick Cave
-Sonic Youth
-Dinosaur Jr
-PJ Harvey

etc etc.

Pre-1992 I listened to a lot of bands I definitely do not still listen to (though maybe I should at some point, for a laugh):

-Thousand Yard Stare,
-Mega City 4
-Carter USM
-Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

The only band I was into pre-1992 that I still listen to (and rate a lot) I think is The Cure.


Yes, big style. I found my old iPod that I had at uni a while ago and have been listening to classic cuts of my late teens/early adulttimes a lot. I drove to Lidl listening to System of a Down. I did the school run listening to dEUS. Every now and then I throw Origin of Symmetry on and jam the fuck out. I’m currently pissing about with making a song that sounds like the more orchestra-y bits of Silverchair. I haven’t learned ANYTHING.

Of course I do!

Off the too of my head I’m gonna say

Stuff I still fuck w big time:
Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Los Campesinos!, My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, The Academy Is…, Rihanna, Robyn, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, The Cure, NIN, The Cribs, LCD Soundsystem, stuff from musicals

Stuff I will still happily go back to from time to time but not in regular rotation:
Blink-182, AFI, Alexisonfire, Funeral For A Friend, Nightwish, Bullet For My Valentine, All Time Low, Placebo, Ash, Smashing Pumpkins, Bloc Party, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Miley Cyrus, Ludacris, Lil Kim, Keri Hilson, Jay-Z

Stuff where I’m like wtf this is atrocious I’m ashed I was into it:
Oasis, Eminem, Green Day, Gym Class Heroes

Not listening to them anymore for non-music reason
Michael Jackson, Morrissey