MTftSB: Everyday things and the songs/music they remind you of


Yesterday I saw a sign saying ‘Exit Only’ and once more I had Fugazi in my head.

The current alarm ringtone I have that was built into my OnePlus 3 reminds me of “I Want You” by Bob Dylan. I am not a fan of this Bob Dylan song and it’s annoying.


The new ticket machine at the train station produces a kind-of melodic sound when the tickets are printing. The interval between the two ‘notes’ is very specific and reminds me of this Aphex Twin track (the melody kicks in at about 0:15)


Food processors (are great!)


Ha! Weirdly I don’t get this because I just call ours the Magimix, like some Yank talking about ‘Xeroxing’. Or else I have a moment like my mum, and I misname it the Moulinex because that was the brand in all the ads when I was a kid (and then my Australian wife wonders what the fuck I’m referring to).


Quite often walk past some swans, reminds me of the band swans


I feel like this is a pity reply… :smiley:


when the bing bong goes off on an aeroplane

reminds me of the home alone theme music


There’s a little green bird Pokemon on Pokemon Go that makes a noise like the chorus of Caught Up by Usher

Also: Lock the Taskbar


When I go to close a Word document without saving and it asks you whether you want to Save, Don’t Save or Cancel, if I’m choosing Don’t Save I like to sing it to the tune of Don’t Speak by No Doubt


Ha, nice. Whenever I click ‘Shut Down’ on my PC I briefly think of the chorus to Blaze of Glory.


It’s started reminding me of Shutdown by Skepta


That’s weird because I always get “SWAN SWAN HUMMINGBIRD HURRAH!” stuck in my head when I see either the birds or any reference to ex-England spinner Graeme Swann


In other REM news… for YEARS whenever I walked past the Gents at work that said “GENTLEMEN” on the sign I would get “Gentlemen, mark your positions, fire into your own ranks” stuck in my head which is from an REM song (can’t even remember which one now, think it’s the final one off “Up”)