MTftSB: favourite songs with only a few simple chords


isn’t it mint when somebody can take those beginner chords and make them seem like they only ever existed for that particular song? yes, it is, and lets post good examples of this.






Think bright eyes get a lot of mileage out of two chords for waste of paint, then he ruins it with a third one




Did someone ask for a boring post?

In old time music some of my favourite fiddle tunes are the ones where they stick to the traditional three chord rhythm section but the chord changes are in unexpected places and they stick extra beats in and stuff which makes it interesting even though the melodies and chords themselves are the same ones you always hear. I think some musicians make a real effort to max out on this theme


this is an interesting and good post, thank you


Thank you. He’s a “song with three chords that I like”


proper lol at this as the first reply


Does this count? Love this:


Pretty simple chord progression but top tune.


Think this is just Am, G, F repeated throughout.




Oh my heavens played this to absolute death in my last year of school <3



So many Low songs but this one springs to mind


Is this some kind of joke.