MTftSB: firsts


First single you bought (or, if you like, that someone bought you);
First album you bought (as above);
First gig/concert you attended.

Oasis - Whatever;
Oasis - Definitely Maybe;
The Bluetones (w/ Geneva, The Supernaturals) - Southampton Guildhall.

Keeping it Britpop.


First single - Oasis Whatever
First album - A Salt with a Deadly Pepa
(Only had a cassette player prior to 1995 so no singles until then)

First proper big gig was Blur GMex 1995, but if we mean gig in a pub venue I’d attended ones by my stepdad’s band when I was aged about 7 or 8?


Green Door - Shakin Stevens
Now 4 - Various Artists
Acid Reign - De Montford Uni - Leicester 1990


D12 - My Band
Franz Ferdinand s/t
The Darkness in Liverpool


Oh yeah: mates’ / parents’ bands don’t count unless you happen to be Dave Grohl’s brother or something


Which is really just a set-up to post this again


First single you bought (or, if you like, that someone bought you): Daft Punk - Around the World
First album you bought (as above): Artful Dodger - Its all about the stragglers
First gig/concert you attended: Dirty Pretty Things - Southampton Student Union '06


Single - Vindaloo by fat les
Album - Life thru a lens by Robbie Williams
Gig - Weezer @ Brixton Academy


First single bought for me: Antmusic by Adam and the Ants
First album bought for me: a compilation of Disney songs
First single I bought myself: Turtle Power by Partners In Kryme
First album I bought myself: Nevermind by Nirvana
First gig I went to: Garbage and the Rentals at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, 1996


Kylie - I Should be so Lucky 7"
Ash - 1977 (not counting Now! compilations etc)
Gomez at Portsmouth Guildhall


Not sure in single, think it was New Kids on the block on vinyl. First CD single was Lightning Seeds Lucky You
First album…bought on my request…Jesus Jones- Doubt, by me Frank and Walters-trains, boats and planes

Gig…Therapy? At Southampton Guildhall… Maybe 1992 or 93




iPad quoting going awfully wrong :slight_smile:

Just remembered my First bought for me album might have been Brother Beyond. Then I got cool (er)


My Prerogative - Britney Spears in 2004 (was more into albums)
Aquarium - Aqua in 1997 (first one I remember anyway. on cassette)
Busted w/ special guests The Lovebites and McFly @ a field in Broadstairs in 2004. I wrote fanmail for Busted (including a love letter to Charlie and some of my own song lyrics, CRINGE*∞) because I thought that I would somehow be able to pass them to them on the stage, or maybe that I’d be able to crowdsurf onto the stage and give it to them then


Single - A Film for the Future by Idlewild.
Album - 1977 by Ash.
Gig - Tura Satana being completely upstaged by Will Haven at Bradford Rio


First album: spiceworld
First single: don’t think I’ve ever bought a single unless single tracks on iTunes counts? In that case probably something by Green Day or Muse in 2005
First gig: futureheads during freshers week. first gig for a band i actually wantd to see though probably was for dillinger escape plan a few months later


first album i bought myself was dookie by green day


@saps kid must have seen some killer early Foos sets, it’s true.


Turtle power
Bill and Ted’s bogus journey ost
Rancid at Brixton academy


Did the Foos even do early gigs?