MTftSB: Funeral songs

Roads would fit in with my theme of overwhelming sadness. I like it.

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Yeah, I’ve laid out the set in such a way that Roads is the soul-crushing sadness section. The bit where a montage of memories plays in everyone’s mind and they can’t actually believe I’m gone.


If Roads isn’t available for any reason, then drop this banger instead.

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ACTUALLY. If I go before my friend Clare (likely), a live version of this would be perfect.


(best bassline)

Aw man, I have been to the actual copper top too many times after funerals :pensive:

(I have also been a few times not relating to funerals and can report that their fish and chips is pretty decent)

Destroys me every time I hear it.

(Good to know about the fish and chips though!)

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My mum was at a funeral where this played. Apparently some people didn’t like it?

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Was it Carole King? That’s the perfect one I think.
I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon don’t worry!

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can’t wait for all our funerals


The pas de deux from the nutcracker is one of my favourite pieces of music in anything, so this:

and maybe this

ghost that was your life

on the way in

as the coffins being cremated

on the way out


In this order please. Thanks

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My feelings on this exactly really. I find funerals so difficult and not particularly helpful for dealing with bereavement for me, I’d rather I didn’t have one, but if it is helpful for anyone who cares about me then they can have whatever helps them most.


What are we doing for five hours then?!
You know I don’t like long funerals.

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