MTftSB: Gig Tickets

Does anyone still collect their gig tickets? I’ve been holding on to mine in the same Spider-Man notebook since I first started going to see bands. For a while I wanted to keep a record of every band I’d watched but e-tickets and going to about a million DIY shows stopped me doing that.

Here’s my notebook

And the first thing in it

And the last which is just loose.

Now show me yours!


My ex wife threw all of mine away, and since then it’s mostly been online tickets with the odd A4 page printed out.

Horrible sentence.

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Three shoeboxes full of them. Maybe I’ll have a peak tonight.

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Some of mine/my wifes

Look at that row of dis-loathed entertainment: red hot chilli peppers, mighty boosh, Aerosmith.


Got all mine in a Spongebob tin


I kept one for Nirvana in 1994 that obviously didn’t happen, might still be in my mum & dad’s house somewhere.

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In a box marked Fungibles maybe.


I was at that RHCP Pride Park gig.

Small world.


I was at that Les Savy Fav gig!

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Good balcony climbing action iirc

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I’ve a big folder in the loft with all my ticket stubs from gigs and away games and loads of football programmes.

Please share your SpongeBob tin.

And a gem, hidden deep within his absorbent cranium:


A pioneer of indie sleaze.

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I was at that show :+1:

And that one :+1:


I used to but not anymore, still have my bts soundcheck lanyard though I hope I get to add more to it <3

Yep! Actively pay more to receive physical tickets now - either postage costs or the new gross thing Ticketmaster does of offering you the change to have a “memento” ticket … hate it but I go to few enough gigs that I can basically keep them all without it taking up a stupid amount of space

biggest regret is that GBV used e-tickets for their show, not having a ticket for my fav band ever was a bummer. Been tempted to get a random ticket stub off ebay just to have something physical to show I went, but not sure I cba wit that

Yeah, I still do. E-tickets have kinda screwed that up in recent years, trying to get back into getting physical ones again though. Got them all in a bag, always say I’m gonna sort them and stick them into a scrapbook, suspect I’ll never get round to it though.

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Should have put it straight in a cheap Athena clip frame m9 :+1:


Yep - I’ve even got a tumblr site where I’ve been posting them up when they turn twenty years ago. When I started it, I tried to write about the bands / gigs too, but that fizzled out after a while and now I just post the ticket