MTftSB - gigs you've nearly been to

Here are two gigs I’ve nearly been to:

  1. Macy Gray - Bournemouth International Centre, spring 2000. I bought tickets for my then-girlfriend and I to go and see them, off the back of her debut album and smash hit “I Try”. However, we broke up before the gig and I couldn’t face the awkwardness of going with her, so I gave the spare ticket to her friend. Apparently Macy Gray was very late on stage and quite “refreshed”
  2. Idlewild - Cardiff University, autumn 2000. I think this was one of those Radio 1 Evening Session mini festivals (a very early Coldplay were on the same week) but I think one of the band was ill or something. Would have quite liked to have seen Idlewild.
  3. Belle and Sebastian - Leicester De Montfort Hall, autumn 2010 (?). This was a pain in the arse because I’d travelled directly from Cambridge to Leicester by train, and Mrs CCB had driven to Leicester, and we’d arranged for the then-infant eldest Cheekster to be babysitted by Mrs CCB’s sister who was living in Leicester at the time. B&S cancelled maybe an hour before doors, which was a bit shit.

Anyway. Gigs you’ve nearly been to!

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Kate Nash in Edinburgh circa … 2011? Had really liked her newest album, and got two tickets for me and a girl I was friendly with/sort of in love with but hadn’t given her any sort of hint about that. She came over to mine for a drink before the gig, only for me to discover I’d left the tickets at my mums the weekend before. Mortifying

(Doubly so when I realised a few weeks later that I actually had them all along in a different pocket of my bag and I didn’t check it very thoroughly)

Also had tickets for Los Camp in London just pre lockdown, which I never ended up organising trains etc for so … just didn’t bother. Joke was on me a few months later when I’d have paid any money to be able to see live music again


Nearly got to see Paul ‘Macca’ McCartney in Paris last year, had tickets then it got cancelled and hasnt been rearranged :frowning:

When I was 19 I bought a ticket I couldn’t afford to see the red hot chilli peppers, who I didn’t like (and never have).

Had the chastening experience of having to go all the way into the city on the night to sell my ticket to a tout at a loss…


Ty Segall in London 2014

Had to travel for a job interview on the day of the gig. Did get the job though but still haven’t seen him live

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Avril Lavigne, 2002, I think it was Brixton Academy. Some people in my year had a spare ticket so I said I’d have it but person who was driving’s car broke down just outside Exeter.


Impressive distance to travel!

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I had nothing better to do tbf.

Oh also Rancid in Bristol in about 2006. They were playing on the same night as The Bees (different venues, obv) and I had friends going to both but couldn’t decide between them so bought a ticket for both and made my mind up when I got off the bus. The Bees won and it turned out Rancid was sold out so I made £££ selling the ticket.

The National in Academy…4? The tiny one anyway, in 2006 or 2007. Had tickets, but also had a very rubbish bf who moaned about going and so I stayed home with him.

Not the same but David Bowie at T in the Park but he got ill and cancelled his appearance. Spent the day being horrified at all the gurning drug faces very early on, fighting and tents nearly collapsing through too many people trying to get in. A cursed festival if ever I saw one.


I’m always convinced I know when things happen and refuse to ever put things in my phone calendar. I’ve been saved from missing gigs by other people telling me it’s actually the night before I thought it was, but that doesn’t work when I’m going on my own. Turned up a night early to see Kendrick Lamar and had to sadly slope off hope and come back the next day.

Had tickets to Fever Ray on her most recent tour in 2018 or whenever it was. Was super PUMPED for it because I’d never seen her and loved the new album and was so excited. Turned up at the venue, thought the crowd looked kinda square for a Fever Ray concert but whatever. Got to the door and the bouncers laughed at me and told me that gig was the night before and I’ve missed it. Just had to walk back home and my flatmate and his girlfriend also laughed at me. Just went to bed and seethed.


I had a ticket to see Daniel Johnston (and friends) at The Barbican in 2013. I sacked it off because I was too hungover. It ended up being the last time he ever played over here.

Had a ticket to see Idlewild last weekend, but couldn’t make it because (a) the trains were knackered, and (b) my daughter tested positive for covid. Still, @roastthemonaspit took the ticket and had a lovely time by all accounts.


Probably a lot of these at festivals. Still probably the most personally egregious was Death Cab for Cutie at Reading in 2002 or 2003. They were opening a stage, part of their first UK tour, so on at midday. Security in their wisdom decided to not let anyone through the gates. I totally missed them.

Tried to watch Arcade Fire in 2004? 2005? on the Radio 1 stage, but some food really disagreed with me and I spent most of their set in a really disgusting toilet.

Had a ticket to see The Ruby Suns (remember them) and The Most Serene Republic (remember them) somewhere in Hoxton. I guess 2007? It was the Monday after an ATP, I got home mid-afternoon and was obviously shattered. Decided to have “a quick nap” and woke up at 3am.

Had a ticket to see Shonen Knife at the Windmill, again probably around 2007, but totally forgot about it. Remembered a week later.

Had a ticket to see the Osees play in Edinburgh last week but we ended up having to go flathunting that day so I gave it to some random from a Facebook group. Hope he had a lovely time.

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John Martyn in a tiny, tiny bar that held maybe 50 people. Said to myself “I’ll see him next time” but he was dead a couple of months later

Napalm Death when I was 16 or 17. The doormen wouldn’t let us in and the band saw us trying to flog our tickets outside so they took us round the side and tried to sneak us in as roadies…didn’t work

Fugazi in Derry, didn’t go because it was so far away. They split up the next year.

Should have gone to QOTSA in a small venue when they toured between the Self Titled and Rated R, still kicking myself I didn’t

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Avalanches in September 2000. I missed out on an advance ticket but there were ALWAYS touts outside London gigs, and we were prepared to pay over the odds to get in. Except there were no touts. Odd. And annoying.

Spiritualized Acoustic Mainline, Bjork, Ladyhawke, Hafdis Huld, and basically most of the bands I had bought tickets for in 2008, when I ended up working late most nights because of the credit crunch

Bloc Party in 2005, Ulster Hall. was still at school a couple of hours away from Belfast at the time so travelling to gigs was difficult, was normally easier if you roped enough people in to hire a minibus there and back. me and a couple of friends got tickets but failed to rope in enough people for a minibus so didn’t go.

these days there is usually a late bus back to Derry which would have made travelling for gigs so much easier if it existed when i was younger.

never bothered seeing Bloc Party after that

Aim - hinterland album launch gig at sankeys in Manchester probably 2002. Ate hash brownies for the first time about an hour before arriving at the venue. Went totally south about 10 mins after getting in, fell asleep in the chill out room and got ejected before the set started.


Gang of Four, 2011.

gig was on the same day as my friend’s birthday, but he was a fan so i thought he might want to go. i mentioned it to him as a potential birthday plan but he didn’t sound enthused by it so i left it at that and we just went out for a few pints instead. towards the end of the night i think i mentioned something about them playing that night and he said “oh really? wouldn’t have minded going to that.” ffs.

i did think “oh well, i’ll see them again, these guys will be touring until they die now surely” but then Jon King left not long after. never saw the later version of the band with a new singer but heard they were awful. held out hope for a King and Gill reunion but then Gill went and died.

wouldn’t mind seeing the new lineup with Pajo but i think they’re only playing the US so far?

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That festival sounds so awful

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Everything Everything and Dadi Freyr during the last few months but too covid-spooked to go :’(