MTftSB: G'n'R vs The Stone Roses

Your weekend social media feed was mostly full of:

  • Guns ‘n’ Roses
  • The Stone Roses
  • Get better friend’s mate: Mine only listen to noisecore
  • You and everyone you know is OLD

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Oooh, that apostrophe.

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Yeah. I’d like to say I’m impersonating the sort of person who’d say that but, y’know.

First Monday back from holidays…

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0-0 draw, gone to penalties. All of them missed.


Bit of both

Who’s more embarrassing in 2017:

  • Guns N Roses fans
  • Stone Roses fans

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Best of both worlds for me. I was the only person in my office who didn’t go to see G’n’R in Zurich last week and got to see lots of people on FB complaining about the bars at Wembley at the weekend.

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being, as i am, mancunian, my fb feed is always clogged with stone fucking roses references. i didnt notice a significant increase this weekend. i have literally no idea why anyone would talk about guns n fucking roses this weekend? all my friends listen to unlistenable noise anyway, n00b

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Think this boils down to who you think is a bigger twat, Axl Rose or the little man with the fringe. Very hard shout.

Guns n Roses are ace


Pretty much 50:50 for me.

Guns’n’f’n’Roses were playing the Olympic Stadium on Friday and Saturday night (and maybe Sunday too?).

G’n’R and Stone Roses both played massive concerts down in That London. In the case of Guns ‘n’ Roses I assumed it was the only place they’d play purely because massive US bands tend to be really lazy like that but maybe they’ll be up your end (oooooh) this week?

Obviously this also represented the first time most people 40 and under had a chance to see the original (ish, in G’n’R’s case) line ups live.

Can’t believe @NoahVale stitched me up with a vote in the ‘OLD’ column. (Which one were you at then?)

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Really surprised by how much GnR there’s been in my timeline, not one mention of the stone roses. At least the former i can laugh at. Stone Roses are just… bad.

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Yeah, I really expected a much higher Stone Roses level.

Probably matters that you can still enjoy the G’n’R singles from Appetite and Use Your Illusion.

Literally nothing wrong with the songs of either band, just rock pop, and silly singers/clothing.

Yep. Absolutely no issue with any of this shite.

Didn’t know this one…
Fuckin’ hell


Loads of controversial shit from those guys, yeah.