MTftSB: G'n'R vs The Stone Roses



Well can’t recall any racist songs from Stone Roses so they win by default guys


I mean to be fair to them, Fool’s Gold is better than probably any G’n’R song.


the “why don’t you just…FUCK OFF!” is one of the best things ever


Haven’t heard much from either. Now I need to now how late Axl was to stage and was it due to a roast dinner.


which one of these would your rather listen to

  • GnR
  • Stone Roses
  • I’ll take the punch in the face please, Bob (cop-out option)

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Fool’s Gold is the worst Stone Roses song


Loads of people went to G 'n R. Including a guy who found my bank card and added me on facebook to tell me. Hes one of those embarrassing rock types who just does not fucking get it and is fucking INSUFFERABLE. Constantly uploading a photo of himself and some other scruffy twat doing devil horns in some shit pub.

Picked up the really unfortunate habit of calling people ‘cuntbags’ including his dad on fathers day. Who he went to see gnr with. And then posted a photo of himself and his dad drinking a can at about 11am doing the devil horns.


:smiley: i feel like i know everything i need to know about him from this description. my sister would be really good mates with him


ooof he’s gonna owe gene simmons some money


Never told me you had a sister, m8?!


one fine but bizarrely overrated, one understandably huge but massively shite


But enough about Theresa and Jeremy!!!



christ. just been googling this as a result and reading Axl’s defence of it is quite something


both released very good first albums

but i will probably listen to the stone roses now and then for the rest of my life, whereas gun n roses are a band i’ll probably mostly mention in conversation while making jokes

i’d also much rather spend an evening with a random member of the stone roses than a member of guns n roses…


Why choose one when you can have both? :confused:




So many abbreviated ‘ands’ in that video.


n’ what about it?


Guns And Roses.