MTftSB: G'n'R vs The Stone Roses





yeah ive got a sister mate


bit of both
I annoyed everyone in my feed with my kraftwerk posts
did manage to keep it down to 4 posts

  1. check in
  2. sensible pictures from gig
  3. picture from when visuals guy leaves the stage with joke re leaders conference as revenge for all those worst kraftwerk gigs ever posts during the actual leaders debates, with added running through wheat fields reference
  4. picture of their boots pre & after costume change


Kinda gutted I didnt go to GnR when I had the chance, not a fan by any means but I’m sure would be pretty enjoyable live with the help of me friend alcohol. Stone Roses though… LOL


Stone Roses were a great band. I don’t mind saying that. But I can’t be fucked with them in the year 2017. I did see that reunion thing in 2013 and it was … fine.

I just got invited to see them on Wednesday at Leeds arena but fuck that.

Guns n Roses had some great tunes were a bit laughable with their tough guy posturing. And the homophobia of course.


But enough about bugduv


I noticed you didn’t dare @ him.



Guns n roses are one of the worst bands of all time. Plus Axl Rose is a roast dinner eating, homophobic racist cunt


Stones roses are alright


Easily top 5 worst bands of all time. And the way their fans still wear bandanas is almost even worse than their music.


Worst name

  • :gem: :rose:
  • :muscle: n :rose:

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Still angry that he’s not had an invite to one of the Big Lad’s Chilli Weekends, eh.


two of the worst ever bands, hard to pick between them


Need a cop-out option here. Just different kinds of awful.


Tbf guns and roses name is just a mash up of the two bands that merged to form them


My at symbol key broke and I can’t be arsed fixing it.