MTftSB: Good band name or bad band name?

A thread in which we collectively decide on whether a band name is good or bad. Are there any good band names or all they secretly as dumb as shit?

This isn’t about a band’s musical legacy, cultural impact or the personal records of any of the members, just whether you think the name is good or not.

The Clash

  • Good band name
  • Bad band name

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The Beatles

  • An all time pun
  • Awful

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The The

  • clever
  • shit

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Does it Offend You, Yeah?

  • It’s cool and different
  • I’m offended by its shitness

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Death from Above 1979

  • Nineteen Seventy Nice
  • Death from Aboooooo

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Car Seat Headrest

  • quirky!
  • get yourselves to absolute fuck

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Bon Jovi

  • It’s just his name (shit)
  • And Bon Jovi to you too (good)

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • Yeah!
  • No no no

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really dislike bands that use years from the past to make them seem like they are referencing some kind of culturally important event that is made up

jon bon jovial lads


In fairness to them, they needed to change their name from Death From Above for legal reasons, but they were already established so they stuck their birth year on the end.

Still shit, mind



  • iLiKEit
  • iHATEiT

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  • Chka Chka dey bow bow ohhhh yeaaaahhh
  • Shit!!!

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EDIT: joke explained it better than me

death from above would also have been a bad name imo if that helps

Nah that’s good, wasted on a record label I reckon

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  • Tasteful
  • Turdful

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reminds me of nerds who would say that a lot as it was a move you could do in mechwarrior


  • Camelphat!
  • Camelwhat?

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