MTftSB: Good songs that are clear ripoffs of other good songs...

Was thinking before how Bad Reputation by Joan Jett…

…is a direct aping of Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran.


I love Ari but this is so brazen

Think Elastica had to give The Wire a credit for this

Can already predict the “I said good songs” :sob:

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Someone on here once posted about this song which was apparently lifted pretty much wholesale by LCD Soundsystem (can’t recall what track I’m afraid as I’m not a fan).

Original is great

Dance Yrself Clean lifts very heavily from this. I think they do acknowledge it but still…

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Bears an uncanny resemblance to this:

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Never heard that before.


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Rips off


rips off

(they gave Cat Stevens a writing credit)

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Narrow Head’s Night Tryst

is basically Hello Kitty Kit by the Pumpkins

It’s really noticeable in the chorus and leads in particular. Think the band acknowledged it without naming the specific song in an interview. Love them both.

This one is pretty blatant

Cat Like Thief by Box Car Racer

directly lifts the music of You’ve Got So Far to Go by Alkaline Trio

Connection is a banger

The riff from this

was also used in this slightly better known number

My Sweet Lord is a rip of He’s So Fine by the Chiffons

Also that whole second Enemy album

The music on this Tom Jones track from earlier this year rips off Radiohead’s I Might Be Wrong (with a hint of There There). Remarkably good record from the old lad.