MTftSB: Guess the Christmas Carols

Some of these are a bit obscure, but there should be enough in there to get your teeth into.

Hang on, I have to read the notes?

Aaaahm oot.


Clicked on that too many times before I realised…

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Yeah, it’s a sight-reading quiz.

I can’t play an musical instrument, but managed to muddle my way through to 5/10

Just make the vocaroos already marckee!!!


I’ve got no problem with the reading sheet music bit, but what the fuck are most of these options?

“Angels from the Realms of Glory”
“Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending”
“O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

(a) Never heard of them
(b) Bit sexual, isn’t it?

heard of the third one, never heard of the other two

there’s a really great carol i would often hear at Christmas mass but never known the name of, it’s all minor key and dramatic and chanty, alternates between a higher voiced person doing fast solo bit and then the choir all come in again for the ‘chorus’. don’t know any of the words or if it’s even in english. it came on in Sainsburys the other day and i hadn’t thought about in years but it wasn’t loud enough to Shazam

anyway i tried googling ‘christmas carol minor key’ the other day and got a Classic FM page full of religiousy titles like the above and none of them were it. bet it’s called something weird like that though.

6/10 for me - quite pleased with that. Lost a couple because there were more than two songs I’d never heard of before in the choices, but sometimes managed to choose the obscure one through a process of elimination.

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I did say that some of them were a bit obscure!

Oh, quite pleased with that - not read music in ages


Same here, my knowledge let me down rather than my sight reading

The one I failed on was one I hadn’t heard of before, but I did manage to get some of them by a process of elimination even though I wasn’t familiar with the correct answer

I crown you Mister Christmas! (I tried the same approach but fucked it up a bunch)

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I sat here whistling to myself. Got a fella in tiling the bathroom today - think he thought I’d flipped

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‘Why, is that In Dulci Jubilo I hear?’ says the tiler, and he joins in whistling in harmony and you dance a Christmas jig (he gives you a 10% reduction on his invoice because of the Christmas magic)