MTFTSB - Guess what song I have stuck in my head

Few initial clues:

From the 90s
I haven’t heard it in ages so no idea why it’s in my head
It is a well known song and will have been in the top 40 (I imagine) so no obscure things here
Genre: rock
I do not like the song

That’s it for now

My Own Worst Enemy by Lit.

Nah and I like that song

I will now answer with ‘warmer’ or ‘colder’ to subsequent replies

all around the world by liam gallagher and the oasises

My Favourite Game by whoever sang that. The Cardigans maybe?

The Impression I Get

There’s No Other Way by Blur

WARMER than Lit

WARMER than Oasis

COLDER than The Cardigans

Terrorvision - Tequila

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COLDER than The Cardigans (but not too much)

Sheryl Crow - My Favourite Mistake

COLDER than The Cardigans


(As a nirvana is warmer than an Oasis?)

WARMER than The Cardigans

I think - never heard that song

Please take the game seriously @thesewoodenideas

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I am!

bitch by meredith brooks

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Mr Blobby (Rock Edit) by Mr Blobby

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