MTftSB have you ever logged or edited a setlist on

  • Yes, yes I have.
  • Nope

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I just can’t imagine ever having the energy or enthusiasm to do it. Also I forget the setlist almost immediately so I’d have to take notes whilst at the gig and that’s a bit odd I think.

Just wondering who does it, is all.

Think maybe this should have been a MTftMB actually

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Oh wait polls are broke. Mods fire this thread into the sun please

I never want to check but I always check

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I don’t tend to check beforehand, but don’t think it would spoil my enjoyment whatsoever if I did. Just looked at the past couple of Nick Cave shows prior to seeing him tomorrow to get an idea for example, and if anything it’s probably just made me more excited.

CAVEAT: if it’s a situation where timings with a babysitter are tight I have been known to research what the final encore song will be in order to start making a move to the exit preemptively.

To answer the OP - I have also on occasion made edits to where there’s stuff that I know is wrong (usually only minor stuff where it’s credited to the wrong album or isn’t flagged as a cover version or similar). I like so figure why not give a little bit of love back :+1:

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I only even look at if I’ve gotten too drunk to remember what they played.

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I’ve edited one before, Grandaddy in Vicar Street last year. I’m always looking at it though, love that website.


I saw someone uploading the setlist, track by track as it happened, when I saw Arab Strap last year. Bizarre.