MTftSB: If you absolutely had to



… pick a favourite from one of the following

  • Robyn - Body Talk
  • Carly Rae Jepsen - E.MO.TION
  • Taylor Swift - 1989

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This isn’t even close to being a dilemma


I’m kinda expecting a 2 horse race tbf


Should have included E.MO.TION - Side B as an option in that case


I’m fucking furious


do people still pretend to love Carly Rae Jepsen cause they liked Call Me Maybe?


This is an awful take


Had BodyTalk on the other day. Chock full of bangers. Got my vote.


CRJ songs that are better than Call Me Maybe:


E•MO•TION is the greatest album of the decade


Carly XCX :heart_eyes:


only heard one song by CRJ don’t know any of the others except that shake it off song that I don’t like so I voted that by default.


Look at TKC with his bad opinions


I’m prepared to be in a minority on this, but 1989 isn’t a good album. Some absolutely huge monster truck brilliant singles, but the rest of the album was so anaemic and dated. Sounded like stuff Britney would have rejected for being bland in the early noughties.


I won’t be listening to these, but thanks


Don’t think I’ve heard any of them


Your avatar has never been more apt


it’s all shit though isn’t it


Some of it is actually good and not shit