MTftSB: If you absolutely had to

is it just happy music? Don’t see the point in happy music

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It’s a toss-up between Body Talk and and then 1989 a long way behind.

I’ve said sentences like this in the past myself and whilst I kind of still agree with it to a point, I also think that happy music is extremely good when it doesn’t seem to be laced with irony like it always seems to be when “proper” bands make happy music.

yeah I reckon if I still went running I’d enjoy happy music more.

I haven’t actually popped any CRJ on while I’m running before, might do it next time out.


I haven’t heard any of them


No way pal. Every track on 1989 had a good hook and the whole thing is beautifully produced.

Body Talk’s highs are higher (Dancing on my Own is one of the great songs of all time), but I think as an album 1989 just takes its.

I should probably give E.MO.TION a go if it’s in the same kind of area.

Great ears for great tracks


Not listened to any of these albums all the way through but going off bangers to clangers ratio would have to go with Robyn for safety.

No, can it.

I’d just listen to Van Halen instead