MTftSB: Janelle Monae


Isn’t she the best?


100% the coolest person on the planet


This album is going to have Grammys pouring out of it.


like this video yeah



She’s cool as fuck


sounds boring and generic to me


She is the best. This album is going to be huge for her isn’t it?


Hopefully she tours again, when she played in Glasgow after ArchAndroid it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to.


Tightrope was on the radio about half an hour ago and R was dancing very enthusiastically to it, have never seen him have that strong a reaction to a song before :grinning:

(he has probably heard it a dozen times before, but he was obviously just in the right mood for it this time)


I heard that as well on the radio just there :+1:


On 6 music? Her new single sounds like Prince. It’s not a cover is it?


Just a heavy influence

I love her too.


always thought she was alright without being blown away by anything i’ve heard
this is really nice tho + saw her in Birmingham once and it was great


good in moonlight too


He helped write it



You don’t appear to have put a percentage rating on it tho.


Crikey, somehow her second album completely passed me by. Must get on that. ArchAndroid had some absolute bangers on it. -presses play on PYNK-


Just gave The Electric Lady a spin. Glad it’s more of the same. 10/10.