MTftSB: kicking through leaves and feeling melancholy (autumnal songs)


just an all-purpose rolling autumn songs thread, yeah?

maybe say a bit about your choice. don’t just dump links.

got this on repeat right now. there’s a comforting sensitive stoicism about Nina Nastasia. so much of her music sounds like warm clothes, dim light, cool air and falling leaves.


Probably just because it has October in the lyrics


She sends kisses - the wrens

Just sounds autumnal, especially the accordion sound or whatever it is


this is nice. I like the piano sound a lot, and the scene-setting in the lyrics. also the though of planning to run away from somewhere with someone moves me a lot rn.

maybe I should venture beyond ‘III’? not sure why I never really have.


Their entire catalogue is consistently strong, if a bit samey. I can’t get enough of bleak atmosphere though


Love and Some Verses - Iron & Wine

A lot of early Iron and Wine reminds me of Autumn, but this track especially. Really captures the longer shadows, the crisper light and the general feel that autumn has. Really nostalgic track as I was heavily listening to this LP around the time I met my partner (October 2006), so this track has added association with autumn for me for that reason.


When we reach the hill and broken world are my favs.


harru m8, how fucking good are these lyrics? they’re so mumbly that I never realised:


nice :slight_smile: and a good reminder that I have been meaning to dig back into Iron & Wine.


Go through quarterly periods where I rinse the early stuff. Can take or leave most releases post The Shepherd’s Dog (and not really fussed by that tbh). But those early EPs, the first 2 albums and the first B-sides and Rarities compilation are amazing.


this is basically the prevailing opinion that came up in a group chat with a few of my friends recently.

although I’d like to get more into ‘The Shepherd’s Dog’ some time. I remember it being kind of interesting, but I never got deep into it.

got to shout out this more recent tune, though. does me in completely


I will always think poorly of that era I&W purely because the live show for that album was beyond terrible.


I’ve taken to deliberately timing my dog walks to when the sun starts to get low and the shadows lengthen. Sometimes I’ll have some drone on, like Tim Hecker or Rafael Irisarri, but usually it’s Grouper. This song in particular just unfurls really slowly…it makes me take more notice of everything around me and also take stock of where I am emotionally. Usually come home feeling melancholy still…but in a more accepting way


best song on the album, dude.

the lyrics just kill me

also props on the sunset dog walks


I’m a big fan of The Shepherds Dog but sweet clodhopping christ that tour was abysmal.


If you were to ask me about my favourite autumnal songs…then you’d basically get a load of drone mixed with long(ish) sombre folk songs…with this being a favourite:

Really like how the whole album feels very rooted in UK rural culture. Like a Jon McGregor novel


So so so so so shit


“Into the Street” by the Twilight Singers

You can basically feel the cold air coming in. It’s like if you took all of the anger in everything Greg Dulli had done before with the Afghan Whigs and repurposed it into pure sadness.


“Seesaw” by Strange Ranger

In autumn there’s always this weird sense of nostalgia for me, and this band captures it pretty much better than anyone.


“Hotcha Girls” by Ugly Casanova might actually be the most autumnal song ever written. There’s something about that acoustic guitar at the 48 second mark, and that sad melody when they’re trading off lines.