MtftSB: Let's find random Bandcamp albums and review them

I created this quickly:

It’s all hardcoded in terms of the tags - it selects a random tag from the the ~398 different Bandcamp genre tags - then tells you which one of the 40 albums displayed on the first page (they should be in 8 rows of 5)

Listen to that album then link it here and review.

An example of what the page looks like

First up I’ve got this
wish me luck. Dance isn’t necessarily my thing, baby…

I’m on the drooooooone - Violet Cold is the artist - just one person I believe from what I can find. He’s from Azerbaijan!

I actually quite like this - laptop drone type with a bit of the eastern european lady wailing a bit in the background

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Seems this isn’t some nobody:

D∆WN’s last album Blackheart was FACT’s #1 album of the year, and was in Best Album of 2015 charts by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Vogue, LA Times, Spin, Elle, Noisey and The Guardian, who called it “the most ambitious and revelatory album of 2015”.

The opening track is okay. Track 2 is full on vocoder cheese and dodgy (explicit?) lyrics but then surprised me with a weird time change at the 3 minute mark. This is like prog-dance, mate. Oh Jesus, 13 more tracks after this. Am I hating it? No, but it’s not like I’m about to click the wishlist :heart: here.

Track 3 is more poppy. I mean the lyrics are still pretty lightweight but I’m more down with this classic sound - lots of digital echo on the vocals insted of vocoder (or maybe autotune? I don’t know if they’re different). She’s got a good voice.

Track 4 was just sort of becoming background. TBF what I don’t exactly like in the music on this release it makes up for in a level of ‘atmosphere’. You really feel that whole hanging out in cocktail lounges in sun in expensive LA or Miami sort of places.

I’m in the middle of track 5 now and it’s got all 80s smooth fuzzed guitar. Man maybe I’ll be hooked by track 15.

They’ve definitely gone for some horrific cover art!

Alright, I’m in

Looks like I’m reviewing some hip-hop-rap, the best kind of rap.

Bonjour Loud

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“loud page officielle”

Everything sounds better in French. I bet they can even make ‘beige’ sound sexy, eh @xylo?

Well not really for me but I would say if you’re into RnB then you should give this a listen.

Tags: edm electronic rnb dance Los Angeles

I think it’s fair to say that dance is a bit of a reach there after the first couple of tracks. If I was expecting some ‘dance’ I would be a little disappointed.

Quite enjoyed track 11, Hey @plasticniki but otherwise it’s a no sale for me.

FWIW I got the idea for the randomiser from clicking through tags that sounded odd but interesting and did find two I enjoyed:

Via: jazz and improvised music

and via djent (which is probably an @ericthefourth favourite)




Tough break, man…

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This guy’s from Quebec, that’s all I know about him so far. That’s a city in Canada. I do enjoy his use of those wreathes that people put on film posters which suggest that the film has won an award. I will admit that it’s a pet hate when someone uses them and says something like “Get a real job - My Mum”. That is a cliche joke right there.

Right onto the tracks, this is all going to be stream of consciousness.

So Far So Good

Holy shit, I don’t know what I expected from this random selection on Bandcamp, but that intro is winning me over immediately. Sinister. Absolutely love the fluid switching between French and English. Will admit that I don’t really understand what’s being said, but love that Vince Staples-esque dark flow. This is legit great.

Nouveaux riches

An unexpected follow up. Not bad per se, but after that opener, it’s a bit lightweight, they don’t flow well together. The production on this is fantastic. I think if I’d heard this track I’d have still been impressed, but not quite to the level of So Far It’s Good. The lyrics are almost all in French for this one, with some strong auto-tune. Have to say, I do like the effect of switching language mid-sentence, though hard to judge it objectively without being able to understand it all. Do love the chorus on it, that chopped up horn is too good. Yeah, this guy’s good.

Il était moins une

Not knowing many examples of French rap, this keeps bringing to mind that Modeselektor track when he’s going all out. “I’m pretty high for a weiss guy” nice. The beat on this one reminds me a bit of Clipse, the Modeselektor comparison doesn’t just line up with the Frenchness either, there’s more to it. Unexpectedly catchy chorus all things considered, but it works in its brevity. The underlying dread reminds me a bit of early The Weeknd too. The ending just coming out of nowhere is damn good too.


Great song title, and the first song that’s sounded like it naturally flows on from the previous on the album. Not so keen on the vocal delivery so far, sounds a little like it’s been intentionally left ‘raw’ to try and make a point as though it’s about to lead into some 8-Mile shit. The chorus feels a little pompous on this one I’ll admit, easily my least favourite track so far. The production is still great, but feels like a rehash of other ideas rather than something new. Kind of glad I don’t understand the lyrics on this one, since I have a feeling they’re about overcoming some sort of adversity in a Hollywood-esque manner. Obviously I’ve got nothing to base this on, but language isn’t all in the words themselves. “These things, they take time” as a chorus hook is a bit flacid. If this had been the first track of his I’d heard, I probably wouldn’t listen to any more. Not radically different, but just a lot more generic.

Devenir immortel (et puis mourir)

Starting with an acoustic guitar hey? Well I’ll try not to judge too hard, but outside of Miguel that’s something which hasn’t done much for me. Ooooh, will admit, I did like that downward pitch shift on the loop once the bass kicked in. Yeah, quite like this one, no words in English yet so I can imagine what the lyrics are. Nice little excessively dramatic synthy breakdown there, nice touch. Actually, the slight variations on that acoustic guitar riff are pretty damn good. Whoever’s producing this appreciates subtlties, this is great. The singing on the chorus doesn’t do much for me, actually just noticed “love is in the little things” in English there, this guy’s gotta stop letting me understand him with his generic English phrases. Second breakdown goes for some full reverb dramatic music, more proof that this production is great. This track is amazing, just a shame the vocals didn’t meet the promise of the rest of it.

Toutes les femmes savent danser

Another ‘pop’ one, seems to be this guy’s weakest moments. Reminds me a bit of that Ed Sheeran song where he tried to be ‘urban’. Fuck off Ed. The guy just said “shorty got away”, interesting. One of my least favourite so far, the core riff reminds me too much of Ed Sheeran and that guy is such a prick, that’s not an association I need. Not badly produced or anything, just sounds like this is the “single” and it’s a bit boring. Wouldn’t turn it off if it came on the radio bad, but doesn’t meet the promise of some of the rest of it.


We’re back into Vince Staples territory. Starts pretty strongly, let’s see where this one goes. Oh man, that chorus was unexpected, just realised this whole thing hinges on some heavily processed 80s cheese, suddenly getting vibes of MJ. Yes, this is the best direction this song could have taken. This is definitely another one of the highlights. “We do anything in this world just to be sleeping with girls”, something endearing in the simplistic English grammar. Oooh, sounds like the first guest spot on the third verse with some guy who says “girls” a lot despite the rest being French. This guy likes using English a lot more, though everything he says is pretty cliche. Why does everyone like Gucci? It’s a shame they don’t have TK Maxx in Australia, but that’s not important now. Third verse was the weakest, that guest spot was a bit token. The breakdown feels very reminiscent of the last track, and the way it ends is reminiscent of the third. I liked them then, but this guy needs to know when not to labour an idea.

Hell What A View

Nice synth riff there, that gave me a big grin. Genuinely would love to hear this producer working with someone else. Not that this is bad, but he’s just too good. Auto-tune back for the singing on this one, and the vocals are about girls and stuff I think. Some guy is now shouting “What A View” over the chorus, that wasn’t necessary. Didn’t really add anything. Aside from that great lick, this one feels a little bit empty, not much to it. It’s not terrible, just a little dull. Starting to get the feeling that the interchange of language is a bit clunky than clever, splitting at the end of sentences rather than playing on different meanings of the same words. What the fuck, the “What A View” guy is back, he needs to leave right now. It’s like they’re trying to make more of a chorus out of a relatively subtle song. “HEY GUYS, THIS IS THE CHORUS, IT HAS THE NAME OF THE SONG IN IT!”. More Weeknd production notes and trap beats giving it that ominous atmosphere. It’s still going. This one doesn’t deserve to be one of the longest on the album. The brevity of these tracks has been one of their greatest strengths so far, knowing when to end it, but this one’s gone on so long that the main lick is now being played on a piano. Oh that was enough, it ended.

On my life

“My music was born in America”. Every time the lyrics switch to English it’s some ludicrously boring statement. This one’s 5:56 I noticed, the longest track on the album. Seems to be based around an out-of-tune music box which is alright. Not going to lie, the novelty of this is starting to wear thin at this point. It’s not bad at all, just that I think I got overexcited at the start expecting this to be a crock of shit. Whoever that guest is on the second verse is pretty decent, liking this guy and the “just might be feminist” and “home invasiooooons!” is a bit more interesting as far as sudden English goes. OK, just checked the timer and we’re half way through. There doesn’t feel enough to this one to warrant it to go on as long again as it has already. Another guest spot. I get the feeling that this is the one where they decided to let their friends have a go too. Maybe they had a fondue party and then laid down a verse each. Something about “Martin Lawrence”. Unexpected. Fondue’s not great for vocals though really is it. Maybe they all just had a mug of ‘hot beena’ each and then went for it. Yeah, this one drags a bit. Maybe I’d have a different opinion if I spoke French, but it didn’t deserve this length. Oh man, I thought it finished at 5:30 but then it came back again. Naughty. Fading out now, great.

Une année record

It’s the last track! Prettiest opening to any of the tracks so far, feels like it could become an Avalanches song or something. Ooh, now the beat is in, it’s different again. Yeah, I’m liking the jazzy sample this one’s based around, gives the album some variation it needs. Doesn’t feel like a last track though, this album hasn’t flowed well at all. This is definitely one of the better ones though, there’s a Thundercatness to it (nowhere near as jazzy though) which I like. “God damn, god bless America” said the frontman. Meh. Really like the bass sound and bass line on this one. Little bit of sax there, definitely feels like a song that’d have sax on it. Good to end the album on a high note and that’s what this one does. Ooh, even a little electric guitar in there too, the underlying samples are Destroyer Kaputt levels of cheese, but you’d almost not notice it. Stripped back to just a piano now, feels about right, neat little way to close things out.


No idea who this guy is, but this was a decent random album to listen to apropos of nothing. Will definitely listen again, particuarly the ones that I liked. Great job @1101010!


right, got “Live in Saalfelden, 1986” by Old and New Dreams

i don’t hate it. it’s a live album so the mix isn’t brilliant, can barely hear the bassist. Also not really feeling the trumpet player. That tone, man… eek. But idk, it’s fine I guess. Not enough here grabbing me to make me want to listen again, would rather give one of their studio albums a bash instead.

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Thanks for the excessively detailed review. I am now listening to this but will have to leave soon so have wishlisted it!

Why does everyone like Gucci? It’s a shame they don’t have TK Maxx in Australia, but that’s not important now.

Sorry, just got to SWG and that made me snort with laughter as I read through :smiley:

Yeah, saw her live last year. Decent.

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I got Latin - and this:

Some nice string arrangements but a lot of the vocal tracks are pretty corny torch songs. Not for me, Clive.

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Urgh! (Apart from Meshuggah)

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I loved that because it made me think if LITE