MTftSB: Let's make a summer playlist



All right, spinning off from the morning thread, let’s all throw in songs we associate with SUMMER, sun, drinking in parks/on beaches etc etc

I’ve added the ones mentioned already, I think you can all just add whatever using this link, give it a try: cccc


this is a fun idea :slight_smile:

might make a good new running playlist!


can you give me the direct playlist link? I don’t want to log into web spotify


hmm, is this it?


or I think you can copy this into the search bar:


perfect, thanks!


I’ve done my bit :wink:


Ha, I saw that and knew instantly :heart:




this will be fun, it’s a lovely day today, gonna dl this to my ipod and go for an afternoon walk


spotify has stopped working in work, i’ll try to add undertones’ here comes the summer if that’s alright later


I have added it for you.


generous to a fault


ooh the spotify recommended additions at the bottom are pretty good


I seriously can’t stand our proxy in work, it causes so many beeves


whoever added more steely dan is alright by me!


i added dirty work


big up for J5 and Idlewild


My eternal, undying love to whoever added At The River by Groove Armada.


np :blush:


got a track I want to add but there’s too much swearing