MTftSB: Let's make a summer playlist

fucking love that go team song. such a quality band.


How do I add a song?

follow playlist, right click song and then do add to playlist.

I’ve made a couple of non-comedy additions and now I’m done.

bump for today. I see @ninetyeightytwo has been bringing the jams this morning:


3x absolute bangers there

Absolutely love the Stevie Wonder style harmonica solo on Say You’ll be there


Think I might add I Feel for You (CK version) as that has an actual Stevie solo on it

That song’s just perfect. Glad my putting it there wasn’t mistaken for irony.

no irony at all. Its awesome

Can someone else add Chaka Khan for me - can’t work out how on my phone,. Do I need premium?

It is done

cheers friend

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Feeling a bit “you know” today (obvs) and The Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s Perpetuum Mobile just came on this playlist, and it’s essentially destroyed me.


why isn’t it letting me add to the playlist?

Yeah this, I can’t add either.

The fact that you guys got to 130 odd tracks without a single Beach Boys song by the way… FOR SHAME!

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can I make a list of tracks to add?

yes I can

here you go

that should do

spread the sunshine


Good Vibrations is on there!

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I think if you follow the playlist, it lets you add stuff? @hanshotfirst

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I’m only surprised it took this long