MTftSB: Lyrics that annoy you

The Whole Of The Moon - a song whose lyrics continually illustrate the composer’s naivety compared to his muse:
“I was grounded… you filled the skies”
“I spoke about wings… you just flew”
“I sighed… you swooned”
etc etc

But this line:
“I wandered out in the world for years… you just stayed in your room”
Surely this should be the other way around…??


too obvs

Find out what it means to me
Take care, TCB

TCB = take care (of) business
So that last line is “Take care, take care of business”


I used to think it was “take out TCP”

So… R E S E?


That would be even more annoying

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It’s more of a general thing, but I’m no fan of the way the Manics match their lyrics with the melody. I’ve got no massive objection to these lyrics:

The future teaches you to be alone
The present to be afraid and cold
“So if I can shoot rabbits then I can shoot fascists”

Bullets for your brain today
But we’ll forget it all again
Monuments put from pen to paper
Turns me into a gutless wonder

And the tune itself is fine. But the lyrics are grafted onto the melody and it feels like neither lyric nor melody has been willing to compromise.

It reminds me of how the Presbyterians would write hymns - they would only sing words that were taken directly from the Bible, verbatim.


“I’m a cool rocking daddy in the USA”


“I was making myself the usual cup of tea. When the doorbell strangely rang.”

Have never been sure if this meant it was strange that the doorbell rang or if it rang in an unusual way. I assume the former but still it irks me.


The curiousness of your potential kiss
Has got my mind and body aching

‘Curiousness’ just doesn’t fit, or seem like a real word. Very irksome.

Whole of the moon chorus is all about how the person they’re singing abouts brilliance has fucked them up.

I’m glad you’ve said this. I remember finding it laughable at the time how “then I can shoot fa-a-scists” was crowbarred into that melody

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Yep, and yet there’s a whole manifesto squeezed into other parts of the verse.

Like that old poster you used to get in school

I keep it 300
Like the Romans


Remember reading an interview with Neil Tennant where he had a go at the Manics for this, pointed out that the emphasis in Design for Life is on all the wrong words, eg AAA design FO-OR life.


The One That Got Away by Katy Perry contains the line “We make out in your Chevy to Radiohead” and every time I hear it I spend the rest of the song trying to think of a Radiohead song that anyone would make out with someone in a Chevy to.


This is a good one.


Someone tell me a good song where the lyrics match the melody…

I like Wet Leg but I don’t trust any adults who address their (hypothetical) parents (in song or everyday conversation) as “Mummy, [and] Daddy”

Low are great at this, I think:

One more thing before I go
One more thing I’ll ask you, lord
You may need a murderer
Someone to do your dirty work

Don’t act so innocent
I’ve seen you pound your fists into the earth
And I’ve read your books
Seems that you could use another fool

Well, I’m cruel
And I look right through

There’s a natural build from verse one (which is quite sparsely worded) into verse two, where it makes sense for the words to become more urgent. (Sorry this isn’t the best description but they’re really good at it)


All Saints have a couple of lines which qualify from never ever.

“a few questions that I need to know”
Answers, surely? Unless you were making a cup of tea during a particularly tense episode of Jeapordy.


“the alphabet runs right from a to zee”
You’re all British, so that’s Zed.


Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses

Imagery is good, the rhyming is really annoying. So near, so near