MTFTSB Most Embarrassing Song On Your Recently Played List

Merry Christmas Allah by Bob Rivers. Put it on in the car as retaliation for her playing some godawful Magnetic Fields song.

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There’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about there.


(A genuinely harrowing bunch of utter horrible shit)


oh fuck :confused:

pretty much exclusively listening to Iron Maiden at the moment, so… weekend warrior?

Genuinely quite embarrassed at my love of Drake from 2010-2014 at the moment

all good shit tbh
hell yeah, damn right

The thumbnail says it all


Not sure

I guess Bachman-Turner Overdrive or maybe Slade?


I have been listening to nothing but Island Records/Compass point studios/Sly & Robbie productions and dubs, rareties, b-sides & related for the past 4 days so there’s absolutely nothing embarrassing on my ‘recently played’

on the contrary, only the most glorious music ever made

unless you count lyrics like ‘spread yourself all over me like peanut butter’ as embarrassing…but obviously you don’t

Circle of Life from the original Lion King. It’s Jimbo’s new favourite and on some journeys what he says goes.

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Back in the High Life - Steve Winwood, and yep - the whole album

I’d happily take my trousers off and listen to this by the way

Is it a cursed boner

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play this in the car a lot.


This is very, very uncool but still spin it on the reg. Class lyrics.

actually any heartlandy, Springsteen tinged music is probably my answer.

Probably Her Ghost in the Fog by Cradle of Filth.

About 400 Ed Sheeran songs that my mum plays when she has Jnr on Sunday mornings. Can delete them from my but Spotify now just keeps recommending him to me and it’s skewed my ‘made for you’ playlists.

Songs of my own choosing though…I dunno, not really ashamed of any songs but i do like to wash up to a power ballad - Alone by Heart?

Probably more embarrassed about how much I listen to the same handful of songs over and over and over.

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