MTftSB: most unlikely / embarrassing gig you've been to

Following on from this:

I’ve actually been to gigs a lot worse than this: mainly mates’ gigs, open mics and dodgy church-based concerts*, but it still strikes me as very odd that I ever went to see The Corrs.


* I never got to see The Worldwide Message Tribe. I reckon pretty much everyone who went to school in the northwest in the 90s did, though.

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McBusted supported by Backstreet Boys - got carried away on £2.50 ticket day


How did the Backstreet Boys not get headline status there?!


Saw the Proclaimers play Truckfest (no, not that one) just after a walk-on appearance by Beppe’s brother in Eastenders, and before the truck that had a big fan on it and blew over other trucks.

All of this was amazing, obviously.


The mind boggles - they were playing INSTRUMENTS and generally very very bad.

Was leaving my job at the BBC for the day and outside the building was a stage and Kasabian were performing some songs for a taped performance on The One Show. I didn’t stick around long because frankly I was concerned about the structural integrity of Broadcasting House, what with Kasabian playing and all.


Steps at the SECC in 2000

Can’t see anyone beating that

The Wurzels at Kentish Town Forum. They were supporting British Sea Power.
The following evening, I saw Bob Dylan, which probably makes me the only person in the world to see The Wurzels and Bob Dylan within 24 hours of each other.


Bon Jovi at Slane Castle with my Mam perhaps?

Or Example at Sea Sessions when I was far too old to be in that kind of teen disco surrounds

Crap band + late period + I think you were probably old enough to know better at that point? (though I actually have no idea how old you are)

Steps never had a downward period, you take that back!

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Oh gosh I’ve seen Bon Jovi too.

And The Proclaimers (though that was at the Cambridge Folk Festival so I’m not counting that)

Actually I’m more embarrassed about seeing Hard Fi (for free I should stress, but still)


I actually have no idea why we went as I think my music taste was actually pretty good back then? Maybe it was an ironic thing :woman_shrugging: I was pissed and did all the dance steps and had fun anyway


Me and Harley went for a wimpy then saw Korn supported by puddle of mudd with harley’s parents when we were 10 years old


That Harley had a bob or two, didn’t he

This was going to be mine as well - in Newcastle HMV while I was on my lunch break shopping for CDs and they happened to start playing.

Agreed to go and see avril lavigne at Sheffield arena for my wife’s birthday about ten years ago. I was the oldest male there who didn’t have his daughters with him, it was a bit surreal. Avril is tiny too, like a little flea hopping about on stage about half a mile away.

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Bryan Adams on a work freebee


I’m not embarrassed by any music I enjoy.