MTftSB: most unlikely / embarrassing gig you've been to


Whoever was in charge of booking bands for my student union was a tasteless idiot

I saw (bits of a least)

Screaming lord sutch, bad manners and quite a few awful tribute bands there

Friday 26th April 2019. Hall & Oates at Wembley Arena.

I bought the tickets for my wife as a gift, thinking that she’d take a friend. She did not take a friend.

It was great.


That fucking Taproot, Linkin Park, Deftones gig at the SECC. Never liked nu metal.

I was going to say Avril as well - went with a friend with a spare ticket.

It blew my mind to be honest - never been to a pop arena show and the noise from the crowd was deafening - i’m sure that was where my tinitus came from and not 25 years of pub gigs.

Other than that i remember going for a pint about 9:15 and the bar was shut, so went for a smoke and got chatting to a heavily tattooed/pierced bloke bloke older than me and asked who he was here with - daughter perhaps and he told me he was here on his own to see her as she’s fucking amazing. Never judge a book…

Still, complicated was a banger


I saw Hall and Oates at Latitude a few years ago and had an amazing time

No irony involved, they were fucking great.


Daryl Hall had a fan at the front of the stage to make his hair blow about majestically,

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He had this a few weeks ago too. 72 years old he is.

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he can still belt out She’s Gone with no trouble (or could a few years back anyway)

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I’d absolutely, unabashedly love to see Hall and Oates :yellow_heart:


I’ll be honest, Oates didn’t seem to do that much :smiley:

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Oh hang on, I’ve just remembered that I went to see Korn when I was 19.

I’ve seen Limp Bizkit at least twice. Very good fun :raised_hands:

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Smashmouth at the leadmill.

Went to see the support but still

yes I was there, it was brilliant. Simon Amstell was there too and he enjoyed it

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Jet. Newport Centre. Awful. Genuinely terrible.

Was on the social committee for our halls in college and we hired 5ive (well, two of 5ive) to play our end of year ball. We had to go through someone in the SU who booked acts and were given the choice of 5ive, Basshunter or Grandmaster Flash (who I wanted obvs but was outvoted).

So yeah, two of 5ive in a function room in a hotel near Dublin Airport.


Either James Bourne or P.O.D and Alien Ant Farm this year



i saw them in a usually decent club in Belfast, was a freshers week event although i was not a fresher. went down with a friend because her housemate who i fancied was going

they did a medley of about 3 songs and then said goodnight and started walking off stage, crowd booed that they were finishing already and one of them came back to the mic really aggro and shouted “WE DON’T DO ANY MORE SONGS, ALRIGHT?”

highlight of the night