MTftSB: most unlikely / embarrassing gig you've been to


It was.


Oh wow, I thought that you’d made a typo and that you’d seen him in Redhill (the Surrey commuter town)


One for the unlikely pile. Saw The Levellers in the big car park in the little town in rural Devon where I come from when I was about 15. They played a free show as part of the town music festival cause the organiser knew one of them. He was also my football coach and he brought them along to training the day before. I reckon there were at least 5000 people stood in that car park. For The Levellers. Shows how much else ever happened around these parts. A couple of years ago they played the venue next door to my pub in Bath and they came in after and we had a lovely chat about it all.

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God bless you Internet.

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Really hope this ^ is on Youtube!

Edit: Just caught up with thread :heart_eyes:



I win, shut this thread down.

(I haven’t read the rest of the thread, apologies for the over confidence)


I also said Nickelback!

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What year?


2002 at the Astoria!


The lighthouse family are playing a show near me quite soon

The highest priced ticket option is £90



I believe I was 2001 at the Barrowlands. Check us out.


Jools Holland, taken by my parents with my sisters around 95 I guess. We sat embarrassed and sullen with our arms crossed while the good middle aged folk of Salisbury jived around us.


I was persuaded to leave a spot in the front row for Sonic Youth in a tiny tent at V Festival to go watch the second half of Kaiser Chiefs’ set by my then girlfriend. I haven’t ever forgiven her.

I also willingly paid to see Babyshambles twice, despite them turning up on stage an hour and a half late the first time, shambolically playing about 3 songs then leaving the stage to a chorus of boos. Missed my bus home and had to get my parents drive out to collect me from a back street in Blackpool at nearly 1 in the morning as a result. Lord knows why I was happy to part with cash to do it all over again, I was an idiot child.


I paid money to watch Kid Rock last year.

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any good?


He knows how to put on a good show.

Unfortunately as an immigrant at what is essentially a pro Trump rally I didn’t feel comfortable in any way whatsoever so the experience was tarnished.

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you didn’t miss anything


oh yeah Atomic Kitten at the Divison 1 Playoff final 2002 between Norwich and Birmingham was pretty weird


I saw Calvin Harris at a free festival on May bank holiday in 2007 (so 12 years ago this weekend coming :open_mouth:) in Newcastle (on the Tyne opposite the Baltic) where at this point his only song was “Acceptable in the 80s”. He was all kinds of embarrassingly awful and I remember thinking “STATE of this cunt, he’s going nowhere.”

Didn’t check in after that, did he go in to do anything notable? No, right?