Mtftsb - Music Thread For The Social Board

Is there a reason we still do this? I know a while back we made the decision to use the categories a bit better to make the boards more inclusive, but this is one thing that’s remained and I’m not sure why that is.

I know the origins are from the fact that there used to be more of a divide between the users who mostly posted on the music board and those who mostly posted on the social board, but I also feel like the moderation and tone across the boards has changed a lot since then.

I may be wrong with this, but this is one of those things that feels to me that gives a cliquey vibe here, creating an idea that “only the social board members” can post in these threads, creating this illusion that there exists a group called “social board members” which someone is either a part of or not a part of.

It’s not even like these threads are about sensitive topics, they’re usually just about generic music topics.

Have I got this wrong?

  • I think that having labelled music threads on the social board is a very good thing
  • I think that having labelled music threads on the social board is a good thing
  • I think that having labelled music threads on the social board is ok
  • I think that having labelled music threads on the social board is a bad thing
  • I think that having labelled music threads on the social board is a very bad thing
  • I am indifferent to having music threads on the social board
  • Other

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It doesn’t bother me either way.

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That’s what indifferent means

Voted indifferent but it does seem superfluous.

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I started one a few months ago, asking people to post their fav songs of the year

I guess cos there are quite a few social board posters who i never see on the music boards and i was curious to know what they’d been listening to

also i think i pay more attention to music recommendations when they come from people i’m more familiar with, cos it then comes with a personal association

Is that cliquey? Maybe


Definitely don’t think it’s cliquey in a “social board is better way”, generally think they’re just pretty nice threads for people who don’t normally use the music board to share tracks or have a chat

I do find it a bit odd that people who generally love music actively won’t use the music board, but maybe just a hangover from the less good vibes there

Also it’s probably similar to some people happily discussing a film or a book in the daily threads, but not going to threads dedicated for that. Some people just don’t interact with the art forms in the specific way that make them want to post on dedicate threads, discuss stuff in detail, etc etc

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Also I think it’s impossible to avoid some cliqueyness on a board of long term users, with all the histories and friendships and rivalries (?) that involves



Yeah I don’t engage with these, just feels like more of the weird hand-wringing behaviour on here like when people ask if it’s ok to start certain threads. It’s a message board, just do things.

Also find the idea that the music board has bad vibes or whatever pretty laughable given the way other forms of culture are talked about on here, eg the endless “it’s absolute shit” chat used to describe things.


Think it’s a good thing, but maybe a little unnecessary as the boards are not the same as they were a decade ago, with the divided music and social board (smaller user base now maybe). But I’m still less likely to get involved in a discussion on the music board whereas I’d happily jump in with a MTFTSB topic. Plus there aren’t that many of them tbh.


Some users don’t post on the social board. Maybe we should have STFTMB topics on the music board.

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I started it as a joke with an overly long acronym but it stuck because #trendsetter


Tbh, this is probably a hangover from when the old boards were at their worst and I’d feel jumped on for expressing the wrong opinion about something, and my confidence around expressing myself anyway. Absolutely not a critique of the current way the music board works btw.

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Find out what it means to me


Think nobody should listen to me

A helpful contribution


Seems a bit pointless these days tbh. Sometimes if I want social board people to see a music board thread I just link to it in the daily thread or something. Everyone should post everywhere all of the time.


Best film of the year