MTftSB Music you like that's not like the rest of the music you like

Been getting into this really gentle math rock band lately since I saw their guitarist doing a loop pedal lesson

But I usually hate this kind of thing and it feels really weird. Any weird things making you feel weirder?
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Covet (and Yvette Young in general) are great. I think it’s better than a lot of other math rock stuff because I don’t think it’s nearly as contrived - she’s a classical pianist and has said she composes mostly by singing melodies and harmonies and then transposing them onto guitar.

She’s dead good.


I’d normally sum up my musical taste as noisy guitary stuff etc but most of the new/new to me music I’ve liked recently is rap and hip-hop. The MIKE album from last year is fantastic, so is Tyler the Creator’s IGOR, the Danny Brown album too. I think part of that is that so much of the heavy music that’s getting recommended in the places I read is black metal and I’m just not kvlt enough for that.

I like Kamasi Washington but otherwise don’t really listen to jazz at all.

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Genuinely thought this’d be a 0 reply thread but this is great covet info, makes me like them even more tbh as you say it’s far less contrived

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Check out Theo Croker - you may not like, but he’s also Good Jazz

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Ghost are also in this category for me. Big overproduced 80s metal hooks, dressed like they’re about to promote a WrestleMania match or something - the antithesis of what I look for in music. And yet!

big fan


You actually make some similar soundscapes although she’s obviously freakishly dexterous, there’s similar tones going on there

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death bed regret I didn’t go to the chon gig in Guildford that it turns out she supported

Yeah, this:


big fan of her as a person too, seems quite life affirming

hah… yeah I’m pretty allergic to this particular kind of math rock. my friend used to put loads of them on. it makes me hate guitar and drums. just makes me think awkward nerds who can’t dance

ah now this has started sounding alright FUCK

okay it went back to having that annoying stilted and white AF math rock sound vom.

she isn’t

I like all music. Green day, eminem, Arctic monkeys, and even some classical lol

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The album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by Sarah Mclachlan. I’m not sure if it’s actually that different, but the reputation she has makes it seem like one.


is she not? well that’s good.

the sound is tho. I mean, the people I’ve seen and known in these bands have been overwhelmingly white and male, which is part of why I don’t like it.

I went through a phase of listening to this daily a few years ago.

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I’m pretty much a Big Thief fanboy in every respect but they’ve definitely tweaked the wheel without reinventing it. Just find it so inventive within a lot of folk rock traditions. Idk as I say I’m biased just think the whole lot of it’s beautiful music.

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ahh I remember now

it’s the sound of people awkwardly trying to immitate Don Cab without the chops or the swag or the ability to write music that doesn’t sound horribly stilted

that’s the quality that I dislike most about this stuff

Ah mate songs like this I wouldn’t say they lacked flow or chops whatsoever

The lass on guitar is like Van Halen on digit roids