MTftSB: Name the album covers

As featured in this article

here’s a selection of the images that Ben has put together.

Can we name them all?

i know some of them


whats the white face cucumber eyes?

Ride - Going Blank Again

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fucking ruined figure 8 there


To purchase any of the prints, and to cheat at the answers, you can go here:

figure 0

Are any of them Rust in Peace?

Not yet

Too many Britpop albums there for my liking.


I’m out

2 x Oasis?

This is very 6music playlist

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I know. I mean, The It Girl by Sleeper is hardly iconic

It’s albums that have been featured in the Tim’s Twitter Listening Party thing.

Ahhh that makes sense.

too easy, got all of them

Have they added Rust In Peace yet?

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Black Grape innit?


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