MTFTSB - NON-CHRISTMAS music you always listen to at Christmas

Die Hard soundtrack obviously.

also have a one-man tradition of listening to Deserter’s Songs on Christmas Day. Think it’s the ‘silent night’ bit in endlessly that’s led to this.


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Chevy Chase sings the Leo Sayer songbook.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (especially if it snows)

Burial’s EPs.

I have the following on my Christmas playlist:

Earth, Wind and Fire- December
Bjork - Frosti
El Perro Del Mar- God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)
Sigur Ros- Olsen Olsen
Neon Indian- Terminally Chill

They all sound Christmassy to me

thank you @whiterussian !

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Prefer the Godflesh version

(actually… don’t make me choose)

pretty sure the only music I listen to over this period is either all the albums I’m considering for my oh so important top albums of the year response or, well, no, there is no time for anything else.

oh and Sugababes- Push the Button

Bit more of a Songs of LC & New Skin kinda guy, but you’re alright, Jezza.

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