MTftSB Our strange new future

Check this out

what mad future is this?

Spotify-created, algorithm-based playlists of fictional bands

and it’s actually really good


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not sure I can listen to this on principle sorry


I’m listening out of ‘know thine enemy’ curiosity

it’s… a very weird experience

I have so many questions but know idea who to ask

I mean the belief that my art has some kind of point and value is really all I have going for me, if I let that be taken by robots then I don’t know what the point of carrying on living will be.

I mean at some point algorithms or whatever will be able to do everything better than people so how can we fight against that? Maybe some kind of fiercely anti-tech live performance space.


Listened to two tracks and it’s decent. Good, actually. Presumably if this is possible now we’re surely only a decade away from algorithm created new Beatles albums and the like?

They’ll never beat The Best of The Beatles though will they

woah, any idea if there’s somewhere to read more about what’s going on here?

I have literally no opinion on this.

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I don’t think this is actual robots/programs making the music - it sounds instead like the ideas are algorithmically generated and actual musicians are given the task of ‘writing’ and recording this stuff

kind of like library music meets the ‘design your own LP through random wiki’ thread

this whole playlist sounds just too well produced to not be professional musicians

this playlist is clearly a bunch of Swedish producers writing endless AIR b-sides

it’s so bizarre, gonna have to dig deeper and find out who is generating this stuff - bizarre phenomenon

well I’ve got song titles from random wiki articles before, admittedly that’s just laziness on my part and not cool.

It’s all very depressing

Hang on a sec

I’m very confused now

Have you done yourself here…?

…is this a super stealth JAG?

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I dunno, maybe

there’s no way this playlist is 12 different artists (none of whom can be found elsewhere) - it’s clearly the same bunch of musicians writing, producing & performing each track

some kind of fake concept compilation LP or something

it’s really good anyway & I have my suspicions who’s behind it but I guess I’ll dig deeper

but there ARE spotify algorithm generated bands out there, gaming playlists

I thought this playlist was one such …maybe not