MTFTSB: Playlist Project


Anyone wanna do a Spotify playlist project? Like…20 of the most ‘important’ songs of your teenagehood or something? maybe some other idea?


Yes I am interested in participating in a playlist project / share thing

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  • You what mate?

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or maybe everyone could take 1 year starting from like 1960 and build a playlist of 20 good songs from that year each. we did something similar on the old boards and it was fun.


Need to fire up the old Spotify account again


i’m in if we do it on tidal instead


you can build your playlist on tidal if you’re able to share an http link to it?


i don’t man, i’m not a computer nerd!


oh, you’re not actually interested in taking part.

feel a bit silly now! :confounded:


should’ve guessed that at the word “tidal”


I keep getting trolled :frowning:


I’m interested but I can never use Spotify correctly so going to say “tentative yes”


my post was meant to read ‘i don’t know’, i’d be up for it. got literally nothing to do today.

old trolly wonton strikes again!


quite like the idea of taking a year each and making a playlist of 20 or so of the year’s songs.

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Made something similar but for 2011 to 2013 the other day.

Would be up for another themed one!


what? you want everyone to make a list of like 1,000 songs?

oh wait, a year each. i should probably have read what you had actually written eh.


EDIT: he knows what he did wrong


I CLEARLY said 20.



this is going well


please can the NO voters state their preference - important teenagehood tunes, random year 20 track playlist or other.

kind regards.