MtftSb – Poppropriation

Probably been done before, but whatever.

Ever appropriate pop songs for what you’re doing, and sing a little ditty to yourself/those around you?

Yesterday, we were driving back from a thing with my son. My mum (his nana) nipped into the co-op to get some bits. When she got back to the car, I started singing “naaaaa, na, na, nanana naaaaaa…” to the tune of Hey Jude.

The moment of genius that I had not seen coming was when I ended it “…wiiith fooooood”

I am unbearable, but I enjoyed it.

You do that? Yeah? Tell me about your poppopriation moments (thread and title legal property of Adam & Joe).

I was talking about this the other day, didn’t feel like this received the love it should

When closing a word document

“Dont save / I know what you’re saying / etc.”


I do one to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, entitled Breakfast at Wetherspoons


When I make hotdogs I sing “vegan DAWWWG” to the tune of Evenflow by Pearl Jam in a stupid over the top Eddie Vedder voice.

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Every now and then I burn my toast!

When hoovering/brushing the floor I like to sing ‘and after all I’m only sweeeeeping’ over and over again.

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Turn around


I do this with dogs all the time. Whenever a dog I’m watching falls asleep on me I get “Bear” by the Antlers stuck in my head with alternate lyrics, “There’s a big boy on my stomach and he’s very very sweet”.

I’ve also managed to do this with Dinosaur Jr’s “Sludgefeast” riff: duh nuh, duhnuhnuhnuhnuh “my sweet boy”, duh nuh, duhnuhnuhnuh “my sweet girl”

I am losing my mind.

Had my friends over when my FWBs was last visiting. Me, him and my girl bff (with whom I have a friendship where we incessantly hit on each other for bants) were chatting in the kitchen, then he went outside. As it was just me and my babe in the kitchen, I adlibbed Tiffany.

“I think we’re alone now,
There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.
Let’s take our clothes off,
And make love to each other on the ground.
I’ll be inside you,
I’ll be inside your pubic mound
And I will pound you
Pound pound pound pound pound pound pound.”

We cried with laughter primarily because of the word ‘mound’(???). After this we didn’t pound but I gave her some penis slippers (not a euphemism) as an early birthday present. We saw some memorably named ‘Mr Dicky’ slippers on holiday in Croatia in 2010 and I’ve been looking for them ever since as the perfect in-joke birthday present - finally struck gold by using different search terms.

Sorry, I don’t know if that is what you were looking for, but I thought it would get me some more likes because I’m a massive attention seeker. (I don’t make any of this shit up though)

Oops that was the joke wasn’t it? Thought I was in the “everyday things you’re bad at” thread


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:laughing: I didn’t wanna say…

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Hello daddy
Hello Pete
I want ch ch ch ch ch ch CHEWY SWEETS

Mostly sung on car journeys when I want a sweet.