MtftSB - Saxophone riffs


This is a thread where we will provide examples from popular music of that most under-rated musical instrument - the saxomophone!

Here is Glenn “Gleen” Frey with The Heat Is On. Sax player produces such a honk it sounds like someone is playing the goose.


Baker Street, The Simpsons and Careless Whisper, obvs.



This guy from The Lost Boys




Jungleland, Jungleland and Jungleland.


Afternoon snack and banal, if you like


generally speaking though sax’s just mostly look good tbh


Fucking hell, look at that guy. No-one’s doing better sax than him. I expect cultural historians from the future would be able to date this photo to within about an hour too.


only thing I remember about that film tbf


This was a fun gig - inside a UFO - with some cool sax going on.


oh bondage is great. don’t think I’ve ever listened to anything else by them for some reason though


I do love some Joe Houston.

And Big Jay McNeely.

And this one always slays me.


the whole of Germ Free Adolescents is ace, get it on now!



Underrated saxophone classic


That’s the daaa-aaa-aay/I throw my drugs away!


Only good sax use


Great song but I’m gonna have to disagree with you there.