MTftSB: Social Distancing / Isolation Hits

MTftSB = Music Thread for the Social Board

Right so, what I’m looking for here are songs that can be related to the current social vacuum in which we find ourselves. There are TWO RULES:

  1. Only post one song per post please
  2. You must post a bit of the lyrics or some other explanation as to why the song fits

For example, I’ve been thinking a lot about this timeless Joy Division classic recently. It has lyrics like “Touching from a distance, further all the time” and talks about dancing to the radio, which more people are doing now because we can’t go out to dance.

Post a music video or spotify link or whatever you want, as long as you follow those two rules.

Thank you!

wr xoxoxox

(PS: I am aware that JD also have a song literally called Isolation, thank you for your concern)



is the title not self explanatory?!

I want to hear it in your own words

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Fucks sake


He is right, people need to stay away


Excellent contribution, thank you!

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