MTftSB: songs that make you feel like you're in a film

This one for me Iately. Not sure what’s going on in the film but I’m Winona Ryder, it’s the 90s and, as Beck suggests, I’m driving through a desert.

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Any and all post-rock IMO. It’s the main selling point of the genre for me.


Well yeah, every single makes me imagine I’m in a film tbh bit this one feels like my Oscar winning one

In the scene that is happening while this plays I’m running through an industrial estate in a really carefree and adolescent way after getting off with someone for the first time. It’s a really dreadful film and the performance isn’t up to much.


always wanted to make/feel like I’m starring in an indie slacker comedy where the opening credits are snapshots of the main characters on each snare beat, then the rest plays out over some skate/day drinking/chill party scene


Like it when I’m driving to work through the countryside and the sun is all dappley through the trees and imagine this is playing over a film of the journey


Lots of Bat for Lashes

Makes me feel like I’m in a dream sequence


can’t really think of anything

not sure I’m able to feel like this anymore

If I had my 80s playlist on as I was walking into work and Phil Collins or someone was playing I’d pretend I was Patrick Bateman (but without all the murder)

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Barry Adamson is good for this.

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Like listening to this on the train at night. Makes me feel like I’m in Taxi Driver or something

feeling less awful and broken

this tune feels very filmic. lots of space for visuals, if you get me.

I’ve always thought Weird Fishes by Radiohead is a good montage song.

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listened to this on the way home from the cinema in the dark earlier and felt like i was in a film

All of F# A# oo

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might be partly due to the video but this one makes me feel like I’m in a Wes Anderson film as well