MTftSB: Songs you forgot how much you loved


You know when there’s a song you haven’t listened to in ages, and then you listen to it and you remember how wicked skills it is. This is the premise of this thread what I have come up with while I’m putting off the really simple task of sending an email bc m9 it’s night time

This beaut:


This isn’t quite answering the question. It’s not an all time LOVE song, but this came on a radio at work the other day It sounded much better than i remembered. Although perhaps the Chris Martin thing clouded my view of it.


i’m new. and this wins me zero cool points. Meh


I get this fairly often with songs I hear on the radio / on TV; I think songs you may not necessarily think you love or even particularly like can sneak up on you when you’re hearing them without having chosen to do so.

I haven’t heard that song in ages, but I remember it was all over the place when I was a teenager so I can imagine it’d be nostalgia-mania.

Also, welcome!


This was me on my walk home today!! Listened to the muse- muscle museum soulwax remix and some rhapsody of fire songs i love so much but rarely listen to anymore. Still remeber every word, really love power metal and their ott lyrics :rofl:


that is a strong remix!


i forgot how electric this song is


also how much of an anthem this is


Also recently i listened to some indie songs I liked at the time they came out, they don’t age well but were fun to listen to (grammatics, someone still loves you boris yeltsin, metronomy etc)


I listened to the Ghost Frequency the other day! Not aged well


I hope this counts. About a month ago I heard The Middle by Jimmy Eat World for the first time in many years, and it’s bloody brilliant isn’t it?


Agreed, absolute banger.


I had forgotten about Embrace. All You Good Good People was a tune.


It’s good, but it’s no


Through The Fire And Flames by Dragonforce came on shuffle while I was washing up this evening. \m/


go on then sadlads

just something in yer eye is it


Heard this a couple of days ago and was instantly transported back to college.


Cant bear this song hah


opening drums are one of my fave things ever


Also see, Come Back to What You Know