MTftSB: Songs you forgot how much you loved

I’ve been to the pub that they own in Leeds. It’s really good.

a friend of a friend went on a blind internet date. When they asked what they did for a living, it turned out to be Danny Mcnamara (sp.). I assume some scenes followed

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surprising choice, ahead of Say Something…

This is an absolute banger - according to my I’ve listened to it 122 times :grimacing:

Whacked this on at the weekend for the first time in ages with some mates round - it’s legit brilliant.

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Each to their own and all, but I always thought Say Something was pretty drab and lumbering.

Haven fact: my girlfriend really liked them back in the day, and we drove to Southampton from Berkshire to see them only to find it was cancelled when we got there. And then the exact same thing happened to the rearranged date a month later. I never even wanted to go, really.

First album I ever owned was the best of Wings and Paul McCartney. Absolutely rinsed that tape (yep), so many great tunes. Even the cheesy crap ones are good. Sort of.

At least it wasn’t the lead singer of Shed Seven

Temporary Secretary is so crap but you cant help but love it


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They’re all great, bar maybe ‘Mull Of Kintyre’ (though I was obsessed with it as a kid) and 'Give Ireland Back To The Irish.