Mtftsb - songs you really hate


That Tom Jones cover of burning down the house. Just want to die every time I hear it, and not even because I’m a talking heads fan (heard this cover before I heard of the talking heads and fucking hated it then)

Really hate manic street preachers too.

No good music has ever come out of Wales.




We’ve done this before but I’ll say it again:

Pure Shores by All Saints

Was on the radio constantly during my exams. Also think it’s a terrible song.


but yeah I heard this Manics version the other day and it’s absolutely unbelievably dreadful


Quite like super fury animals tbh




so fucking lazy to just put shitty chuggy guitar underneath it. Pisses me off so much.

Lazy bastards


Like this one - reminds me of happy times


Music to accompany the footage of the track day Team Fungibility went on for winning that week’s task on the Apprentice.


reminds me of painting Warhammer miniatures in my old house.

So yeah, same.



lol at that guy thinking he’s kicking anyone’s ass (also, one of them was a woman, and hanson were children so it’s a weird threat to make in the first place).

pure shores was a fucking banger though


Look at the state of these cunts :rofl:

R.E.M - Everybody Hurts. Love the album but this song makes me feel ill. Also, any disco or 60’s soul / R&B just leaves me cold.


I think the hard man posturing is what tips it from shit to really evil.

like there’s plenty of rubbish shiny American guitar music about -

but don’t try and crack on you’re a rebel.

actually I might hate this Orson song even more.


Maybe the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

Absolutely terrible.


Ban request


That hat. That fucking hat.


My dad used to take me to working men’s clubs when I was a kid and someone would put this on the jukebox EVERY Sunday without fail and it still bothers me now, mainly as it reminds me of thinking “Why have you taken me here again dad?” for many hours on rainy Sundays.


You’re wrong and you’re a gro-


This song is incredible.

You have been banned from the thread