MTftSB: Spooky Season Hits

…and I use the word “hits” very loosely here.

We’ve previously had Halloween playlists, and we’ve had autumn playlists, both of which I’ve immensely enjoyed. Many of the songs from those ventures are in heavy rotation every autumn and/or Halloween.

HOWEVER, I would also like to work further with a kind of Spooky Playlist in which songs can be Halloween-ish if you want (though not the jokey kind), but can also just have a sort of eerie feel to them or whatever. Dark, gloomy, lyrics about death or witches or that sort of thing, you know.

Basically what I’m after is more of this sort of stuff, in my playlist that I’ve called “mørketid” which is the name for the dark part of the year here in the Nordics.

Some songs from DiS autumn/Halloween lists are definitely on here already. BUT I want MORE!! And that’s where you guys come in obviously.

Please add any songs you think might fit in here:

and feel free to post in this thread saying what you’ve added, and write a little recommendation or whatever.

Thanks pals :ghost: :black_heart:

We did a spooky halloween release on the label a couple of years ago in case that’s of interest


Eeeeee, I like spooky season

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Spooky season? It’s 10 September m9 :thinking:

Also, Halloween is full on shit for cunts…

More spookies the merrier

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I don’t think this is the thread for you, pal!

(Also Spooky Season is much longer than Halloween/October so gtfo)

Its better than any of the post-pagan holidays. Easter day ffs


Nice edit

ANYWAY back on track please

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All you ever need.
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I mean, for an actual Halloween party playlist, sure


Been wanting to do a droning gothy cover of this for a while



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Sorry, I can just never resist this

Better for the specifics…

Bonus spooky video too


trials of van ocupanther has a kind of autumnal folk spooky vibe to it that I would enjoy to hear at Halloween

A few that might fit based on the other playlist, hopefully at least. (I’m on a desktop and have no idea how to add songs, sorry!)

Protomartyr - Tranquilizer

Queens of the Stone Age - Someone’s in the Wolf

The Smashing Pumpkins - Eye

The Wytches - Gravedweller

Mogwai - Killing All the Flies

Deftones - Knife Party

Sigur Ros - Kveikur

Burning Brides - Ring Around the Rosary

Deafheaven - Gifts for the Earth

Mr. Gnome - Rabbit

The Flaming Lips - See the Leaves

System of a Down - Spiders


This is an album of very spooky vibes, Ceremony and Freezing Moon especially

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I don’t do Spotify I’m afraid, but just stick this on a loop for six hours

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eerie and gloomy? Half my record collection tbh

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Here is our previous Halloween list, by the way: