MTftSB: Ten Years of Compilation CDs

I have (maybe foolhardily) started a series of blog posts about the CD mixes I regularly sent over a period of 10 years to a close friend who died of cancer last year. The plan is to create a Mixcloud mix of each of them with a short accompanying post (there are 50 of them though so this could take some time!). The first is up now, please feel free to have a read/listen. If I can keep up the impetus I’ll try and publish the links here. :slightly_smiling_face:


What a lovely thing :slight_smile:

Sorry for your loss too.


That’s just a wonderful thing to read. I love the craft that goes into these, I can just see your musical relationship with her… “start with Come Saturday - it’s catchy and uplifting and will have her hooked before the Future of the Left track brings the heaviness…”

I’m sorry for your loss but I’m glad you felt able to share the music and the words.

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Part 2

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Part 3

CD No.6

CD No.7

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CD No.8

CD No.9

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CD No.10

Great reading. Just wanted to show you some love :heart:


Disc No.11

Disc No.12

Really enjoying reading these.

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Disc No.13

Disc No.14

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Disc No.15

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Disc No.16

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Lamb! :heart_eyes:

Really enjoying reading these

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Thanks man. Glad to know they’re being looked at, plenty more to come!

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