MTftSB: terrible rappers freestyling terribly

Following on from @saps’ iLoveMakonnen post in the Kate Tempest thread, here’s Iggy Azalea chatting some absolute breeze (worth skipping on to 2:10 if you’ve not got an attention span):


Here’s iLoveMakonnen

Did a couple of genuine LOLs at some of the comments under that video, which must be a first for YouTube.

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Oh man, people being shit on Sway in the Morning is one of my favourite YouTube holes to fall down:

(As is people fucking destroying on it in fairness:)


no chance i can watch that iggy azalea one. too awkward.

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Skip on to 2:10 though for a proper Going Live, 5 Star doing.

Fucking hell that Riff Raff one :laughing:

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oh god

They cut a mic cord and disconnected me :grinning:

So ruddy bloody conscious.

Very worth it for the last few seconds

[insert that Kate Tempest video here]


The saddest thing is, she’s not freestyling there :fearful:

Why does she take so long to think of an opening line then?

Please give her some time to compose herself.

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Tearing my own skin off with the cringe.